Russia banned from hosting boxing events by all four sanctioning bodies

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Russia will no longer host professional boxing events while President Vladimir Putin continues to occupy Ukraine.

The major sanctioning bodies decided on the back of a bloody war that started earlier this week.

As a result, the WBC, WBA, WBO, and IBF released the following ruling:

“The four boxing governing organizations in the world join together to express their position regarding the tragic war taking place as Russia has invaded Ukraine.

“Just as the world claims for cease of fire, our organizations have decided not to sanction any boxing championships in Russia.

“Just as this war has put a stop to boxing in Ukraine, our organizations will not sanction fights in Russia until further assessment of the situation.

“May God bless everyone and bring peace to our world.”

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman said: “With heavy hearts, the World Boxing Council (WBC) with the world witnesses the terrible outbreak of war, with an attack by Russian forces against the country of Ukraine. We see this death and destruction with horror.

“In the interest of peace, the WBC, as a World’s governing body in our sport, has voted per our history and conscience to remove the sanction of any WBC boxing in Russia until and unless this conflict gets resolved agreeably.

“The WBC has been in open discussions with other sanctioning organizations and all members of the boxing industry to work towards peace.

“We condemn this war in the strongest terms, demand peace in the region. After careful deliberation, we are committed to taking this action to back up our words.

“Decades ago, the WBC was the first world sports organization to withdraw sports recognition in apartheid, South Africa.

“We must keep our commitment to human rights for all people and reject any act of discrimination and abuse of power.”

WBO President Paco Valcarcel had earlier said: “The WBO is considering not to sanction world titles and regional bouts in Russia and not including Russian boxers in its ranking for as long as the invasion of Ukraine lasts.”

“Although he didn’t confirm the removal of champions, it’s unfathomable that ranked fighters would be dropped and not the titleholders.

“We all want peace, and we must claim it firmly. The Great Family of boxing cannot passively observe an act as inhuman as attacking Ukraine.


WBA President Gilberto Mendoza added: “I have called for a WBA Directorate meeting following Monday. The main objective is to discuss the actions to be taken.

“This may include the suspension of world, international or regional championship fights in Russia. We urge the parties to reach a peace agreement.

“Thus, we join the actions announced by the Paco Valcarcel.

“I support the position of the historic champions [Wladimir] Klitschko and Vitali Klitschko to defend their country.

“I am sure that boxers from both nations want peace.”

The WBC, WBA, WBO, and IBF will not overturn the suspension unless Russia pulls out of Ukraine.

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