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Home » Light heavyweight accuses ‘suspicious’ promoter of ‘scam’ fight round offer

Light heavyweight accuses ‘suspicious’ promoter of ‘scam’ fight round offer

An undefeated light heavyweight saw his scheduled December 29th fight called off in farcical circumstances after revealing a stark promoter offer.

Obaro Eradajaye, who is 3-0 with all three stoppages in the first two rounds, made the shocking admission this week.

The Nigerian should have been competing on a show and got tipped to win his fourth bout. That was until the contest got delayed to mid-January.


But after learning of the postponement, Eradajaye outlined the show’s organizer offered him a more significant purse to make the fight last longer.


“The promoter now came and said if I take this fight into third or fourth [round], I might get paid extra. Suspicious. The whole thing is suspicious,” said Eradajaye.

He then gave further details by saying: “I’m [now] fighting again in Jan. This one I was supposed to have was a scam.

“We came all this way, but they had [only] one judge [should have three] and some other BS. I think the next show is on January 16th.”

Obaro Eradajaye


Still, despite the disappointment, Eradajaye was thankful to end the year on 3-0 and push forward to the New Year.

“So far has been one of the best years. Truly Blessed and thankful for everything,” he pointed out.

“Met so many amazing people and learned so many new things. I cannot wait for 2022.

“Appreciate all of you. Thank you for your support. Next year got something special planned.”


The prospect also added that he plans to help out local children in Nigeria and won’t forget his roots when he makes it big-time.

“That’s how I started getting into helping some local kids with boxing. It’s s beautiful sport. Honestly, it’s the best thing.

“It helps youth in troubled places so much. It helped me and saved my life.


“For me, it’s more so trying to do something positive with it more than anything. I believe people will come to me by themselves.

“I don’t think about that too much. More so, what I can do to make the world a little bit better. Too much hate here. That would be nice,” he concluded.

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