Amanda Serrano ‘feels so bad’ after horrifically disfiguring opponent

Miriam Gutierrez world champion Amanda Serrano

Seven-weight world champion Amanda Serrano says she’s bothered by recent articles after her bruising win over Miriam Gutierrez left her opponent battered.

Despite out-weighing Serrano on the night, Gutierrez left the ring looking nothing like herself. This disfigurement left the WBN Women’s Fighter of the Year for 2020 worried over the spate of reports.

Serrano appeared on a Pay Per View card when she bludgeoned Gutierrez with almost 300 punches. The beating left her foe badly damaged.

Speaking after the fight and sharing the gruesome image of Gutierrez, Serrano said: “I want to thank my dance partner Miriam Gutiérrez.

“She didn’t come to lay down. I don’t care who is in front of me; I’m not coming to Play!

“She just told me she weighed 160lbs today. Thank God I worked with my girl Nisa Rodriguez who was about 165 [pounds].

“God is Great. I’m Blessed!”

Miriam Gutierrez world champion Amanda Serrano

After many outlets ran with the story from this post due to the way Gutierrez looked, Serrano offered a follow-up when saying: “I’ve never felt so bad after a win.

“My opponent was a warrior, and I was just doing my job. Miriam is actually one of my opponents I like the most.

“So humble, kind, and with a huge heart. Fearless in every way. Someone sent this to me, and it’s bothering me,” she added on an accompanying link.”


The Puerto Rican star even stated she damaged her hand on Gutierrez’s face and head.

“Sometimes, even in winning, you feel pain, lol. In the third round, I felt a pop. But I would never stop throwing punches.

“Don’t think it’s broken. It just hurts some. In a few days, I’m back in the gym.

“This is the only shot I felt In the fight. Thank God it’s not broken. It’s sore, but I can move it.

“The only thing that scares me it’s getting hurt. My clumsy self runs so fast I’ve tripped a few times,” Serrano concluded.

Katie Taylor could be next for Amanda Serrano after the fighter revealed she’s now a millionaire after her latest win.

Reports are circulating that the Taylor fight could net her another million if confirmed for 2022.

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