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Home » Opinion: YouTuber Jake Paul won’t gain boxing fans vs blown-up wrestlers

Opinion: YouTuber Jake Paul won’t gain boxing fans vs blown-up wrestlers

An influencer moonlighting as a boxer says he’s the biggest thing in the sport. But what Jake Paul fails to realize is that he’s not gaining any real boxing fans or respect.

Facing debutants from the MMA world and outweighing them by 40 or 50 pounds at a time just doesn’t cut it in our backyard.

The boxing fraternity is tight-nit and very, very knowledgable, meaning Paul is on the road to nowhere when beating the likes of Tyron Woodley.

His followers come from the YouTube community, where what you do inside the ropes gets recognition merely by association.

Those who tune in to his social media or follow his Instagram are fiercely loyal and would buy his Pay Per Views facing the non-boxers he does.

If Paul wants to gain absolute boxing respect, he has to step up and fight a boxer from his weight class. His first five fights read like a list of nobodies from another planet or wrestling’s finest.

All four combatants from those five fights had never scored a single boxing victory between them. That tells its own story.

Despite this fact, Paul celebrates as if he’s conquered the world title and mentions the likes of Canelo when he’s not fit enough to strap on the pound-for-pound king’s groin protector.

“It was a tough fight,” the vlogger told Showtime. “The blood was getting in my eye from when he elbowed me.

“I got the job done, and I knew it would happen like that. I was setting up the shot the whole fight, and he didn’t see it coming.”

On his opponent, he added: “Tyron is a legend. Don’t take anything away from his career as a UFC Champion.

“I respect him for taking this fight on two weeks’ notice because Tommy Fury backed out of the fight. That was a tough fight right there.”

Tyron Woodley rigged KO

Amanda Westcott


It might have been a tough fight for you, Jake Paul. But 95% of the light-heavyweight or cruiserweight boxers out there would have taken Woodley out within one round.

That’s where the difference lies.

Grow a pair and fight a real boxer, or you’ll never gain the respect of the true boxing fans or the experienced boxing media.

Furthermore, accept the challenge or continue to play boxing.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

Phil Jay – Editor of World Boxing News since 2010 with over one billion views. Follow WBN on Twitter @WorldBoxingNews.