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Home » Adrien Broner blackmailed by mystery woman over explicit photos

Adrien Broner blackmailed by mystery woman over explicit photos

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Former world champion Adrien Broner is getting blackmailed in public view by an unknown woman claiming to have bedded the boxer.

The person in question boasting the handle @firstladygab on Twitter has been hitting Broner up, making threats for the last day or so.

In the latest warning, ‘First Lady’ stated ‘The Problem’ had less than twenty-four hours to cough up of nudes will get leaked.

Exchanges between both accounts revealed part of what was going down.

“I don’t care about b—— leaking old nudes of me. You’re part of my collection,” said Broner.

“Mfs leaking s— from over a year ago. I ain’t had a haircut in over a year,” he added.

“It’s not a game I’m not playing with you. I’m not playing with you. Why do you think I’m playing with you?

“It’s Christmas. I need mine,” came the response before they added: Why are you being weird to me?

“You got 24 [hours] to respond.”

Broner fired back: “I ain’t got s— for you leak the photos. You shouldn’t let me f— [you] for free. Bye.”

Over the past ten days, Broner returned to Twitter for the first time since February 2020. Before that, he hadn’t gotten seen on the platform since August 2019.

Using Facebook and Instagram instead, the multi-weight ruler and former pound-for-pound star put all his troubles out in the open.

From spending time in hospital to struggling with alcohol and fitness, Broner let it all hang out during the lockdown.

Adrien Broner
Amanda Westcott


Now, seemingly ready to get back in the ring, Broner has been scouting for representation online from Showtime or DAZN.

The Cincinnati man last fought in February. He scored his first win in four years over Jovanie Santiago.

Broner was subsequently gunning for massive fights against Keith Thurman and Errol Spence. Everything hit the fan once again over the summer to halt any progress.

He now needs another warm-up to prove he is back in fighting shape. But those outside of the ring distractions keep coming.

Blackmail aside, we may see Broner back in action soon.

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