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Home » Ex-Floyd Mayweather fighter calls BS hypocrisy on Canelo ‘steroids’ rant

Ex-Floyd Mayweather fighter calls BS hypocrisy on Canelo ‘steroids’ rant

Floyd Mayweather got a dressing down from one of his one-time Money Team members this weekend after mentioning Canelo in the same breath as steroids.

When speaking about Canelo’s dominance in the sport and his current untouchable pound-for-pound status, Mayweather seemed to be content with sour grapes.

Not only did Mayweather label Terence Crawford the top dog in boxing – but he also questioned whether Canelo was ‘clean’ for any of his fights.

The rant got met with a mixed bag of comments. Some agreed with Mayweather, and some were vehemently against what he said.

One of those disagreeing with Ishe Smith, a contender Mayweather guided to an unlikely world title.

Smith, who has no favoritism whatsoever, said: “When [Sugar Ray] Robinson left [Muhammad] Ali came. When Oscar [De La Hoya] went, you came.

“Now you left, Canelo came. Get over it. He’s the top dog in the game. Whether fans like it or not, it is what it is. This happens all the time.

“Two things about the same thing can be true at the same time. Floyd Mayweather was great the night he beat Canelo.

“Floyd Mayweather would have beaten any 54’lber that night. Nelo asked and begged for the fight and got schooled.

“These are facts! But saying the man is scared and he’s ducking anyone is BS.

“Total BS, Nelo has fought everyone man, his resume is one of the best in the game. Accusing him of ducking Benavidez?

“It was you who said I’m my own promoter, and I call all the shots! You did it better than anyone, beat the best, and went undefeated.

“But what you’re doing is no better than what ignorant fans have accused you of for years, which I have constantly called BS those fans because real fans know you tried to make a Manny [Pacquiao fight] earlier and Shane [Mosley fight] earlier as well.

“So Nelo can’t call his own shots and be his own boss?

“I just don’t get the hypocrisy here, and I hate when fighters call anyone scared or ducking. Rant over,” he concluded.


Mayweather sat with media and seemed to be off on one as he went through a list of things wrong with the sport, one of those being racism.

Where the outburst came from is a wonder many would like to know as Mayweather didn’t even answer some of the questions put to him correctly. He went off on his tangent as if he had already pre-planned what he would say.

Floyd Mayweather Ishe Smith

But when not giving Canelo props for enrolling in all-year-round testing since serving a six-month ban for Clenbuterol – whiffs of a bit of envy on the part of the great one.

His time may have passed, but Floyd Mayweather still has plenty of good to offer the sport of boxing. This kind of ranting isn’t one of those things.

It doesn’t do any favors to boxing.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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