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Home » Fernely Feliz Jr. scores unforgettable one-punch KO on pro debut

Fernely Feliz Jr. scores unforgettable one-punch KO on pro debut

Last Saturday, November 20, at the Crown Reef Resort and Waterpark in Myrtle Beach, USA #1-ranked and national super heavyweight champion Fernely Feliz Jr. lived up to his promise to put on an unforgettable professional debut by scoring a highly entertaining, one-punch knockout of opponent Stephen Kirnon in the second round.

Fighting in the scheduled four-round co-main event, of Christy Martin Promotions’ “Mayhem In Myrtle 4” event, Feliz, of Danbury, CT, showed why he’s the American heavyweight prospect to watch in professional boxing by dancing his way to the ring and then scoring a KO punch so fast it was reminiscent of Muhammad Ali’s infamous 1965 knockout of Sonny Liston in Lewiston, Maine.

After a tentative first-round spent getting accustomed, Feliz came out all-business for round two and quickly dispatched Kirnon, who, despite his determined effort, was barely able to touch Feliz.

“I felt great,” said Feliz, post-fight. “The first round was a bit weird because it was my first pro fight. There’s a big difference between amateur and pro. I felt it in the first round and then I got comfortable by the end of the first.”

Feliz says the knockout blow, a short left hook made of lightning, was so fast, fans and even family were left questioning what happened.

“It was a very short shot,” explained Feliz. “My friends were asking me ‘did you even catch him?’ You can’t even see where it landed in real time. I had to slow it down to show people!”

Of his colorful dance routine on the way to the squared circle, Feliz indicates that fans and foes should get used to his pre-fight entertaining.

“That’s normal to me!” he said of the entrance. “I’ve loved to entertain and dance since I was young. I was at home going to the ring like that. I love to entertain the people!”

“What an unbelievable pro-debut; the energy in the room was as electrifying as the short, straight left hand that froze Kirnon in his tracks!” said Feliz manager Steven Heid. “The kid is as cool as the other side of the pillow. I can’t wait to see him in action again December 25, 2021. Fernely Feliz Jr has arrived. Stay tuned!”

“Fernely’s debut couldn’t have gone better,” added his promoter, Gino Limeri of Bulldog Boxing Promotions. “Everything he’s known for was on full display. The flashy showman. The boxing skill in not getting touched and the speed and knockout power of a champion. I’m very happy with his performance and we will look to get him back in the ring in December.”