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Amir Khan, Kell Brook desperately up beef to gain support for bygone PPV

Former world champions Amir Khan and Kell Brook went all-in on Monday with hate as the order of the day for their belated United Kingdom Pay Per View.

Despite significant disgruntlement from British fans over the fact the pair will charge a Sky Sports Box Office fee for a clash that should have happened at least seven years ago, Khan and Brook certainly hope to change a few minds.

The pair both slung mud, hoping something would stick, adding a couple of security drag-backs at the head-to-head for good measure.

Khan and Brook laid all their pent-up beef on the table as Sky prepared to inform fans how much they would have to pay for the privilege of watching on PPV.

“I’ve never run from Kell, never needed to. My achievement in the sport speaks for itself,” pointed out Khan.

“We’re here now. There’s no point crying about the past. In the past, I didn’t think Kell deserved the fight. Now it’s come to a stage where I am waiting to give him a big shot – in the face.

“All that big talk he’s been doing – I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do that – come February 19, we will see what he can do and how he can back those words up.”

Brook added: “I’m ecstatic that the fans are going to see this fight what they’ve wanted to see for years.

“February 19 in Manchester is when Amir Khan will hit the deck for the final time.”

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Adam Smith, Head of Boxing Development for Sky Sports and the man who will break the news to subscribers, stated: “This is the British blockbuster, the acrimonious jewel that so many sports fans have been waiting for year after year.

“There’s no love lost. There is no certainty as to who will win. There is immense pride and firepower on the line.

After all their boxing triumphs over the years, this is the fight and night for which UK fans will remember both Amir Khan and Kell Brook for [in history].

“February 19 in the electric Manchester Arena. It’s live on Sky Sports Box Office. Stand by for a roller coaster as we find once and for all if it’s Khan or if it’s Brook.”

Buy or don’t. Make your choice.

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