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Canelo Alvarez could fight in seven weight classes, including heavyweight

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Canelo Alvarez is the undisputed champion at 168 pounds. Where he takes his career from here on in knows no bounds – even a potential ending at heavyweight.

The Mexican superstar proved his class again over the weekend against Caleb Plant. And if you take what he’s stated in the past as gospel, you may well see Canelo moving up past the light heavyweight division in the future.

A win over Caleb Plant enhanced Canelo’s legacy even further, building on his stunning stoppage of Sergey Kovalev at 175 pounds.

Canelo is the undisputed pound-for-pound king and could become a five-weight world champion if he heads up to cruiserweight in the next couple of years.

Who would bet against him beating any of the titleholders at 200 pounds? – Not many would on this form.

With the addition of bridgerweight, too, Canelo could conceivably be aiming to be a seven-weight ruler by the end of his tenure.

Whether he can achieve that is another story.

In the past, Canelo has discussed moving through the weight classes as he ages. His only worry is the fact that he stands five feet seven inches tall.

“Everything is possible. Look, as a team, we’ve always been a team to take on all challenges. That’s what motivates and drives me,” said Canelo. “But the door is open [to continue moving up in weight]. It’s free, and it’s possible.

“Look, everybody knows I’ve always loved challenges, so if there are challenges and are titles out there, I’m open to it like I’ve shown in the past.”

He added: “Through that process, through that growth, as you learn with experience and see things. Then I began challenging myself more and saying, Why one championship? I can go on and win more.

“I’m still growing and seeing this process, and that’s what motivates me to continue writing history. To continue reaching those goals.”

When facing Kovalev, Canelo stated: “Moving up two divisions against a world champion is a big challenge for me, worrying about a champion at light heavyweight.

“But I also think that it’s the most important fight of my career. That’s why we are doing this to keep making history. That’s what I like. I like those challenges.

“I always imagined the magnitude of what I could accomplish so fast. And then I discovered more things. I learned more things, and I realized that there are even more things ahead of me that I can keep making history.

“That’s what motivates me to keep going, keep making history.”

Canelo - the Heavyweight


Admitting an air of caution about going too far, Canelo did say that he wouldn’t put any limit on potentially fighting at heavyweight before his career ends.

“We can’t exaggerate. It would be too much moving to another division. But I’m looking for challengers. I keep looking to make history.

“That’s how I would characterize myself as the kind of fighter that tries to make history. But for us, there are no limits. We want to make history. We want to keep advancing.

“So there are no limits for us. We’re in a good moment in my career, so we have to take advantage of that.”

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