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Exciting Brit is the latest to be handed ominous “New Mike Tyson” label

An exciting British fighter who seems on the path to superstardom is the latest prospect to be given the ominous tag of “The New Mike Tyson.”

Jackson MacBones, who calls himself “Freezy” and already has his own “It ain’t easy being Freezy” catchphrase, looks a frightening sight in full flow.

Currently campaigning at light-heavyweight, the aptly named MacBones, embraces every comparison to “The Baddest Man on the Planet” he can get.

Posting pictures on Instagram and sharing posts that point out the “peekaboo” similarities, MacBones oddly is yet to step into the professional ring.

The fact that he’s in his early thirties and recently lobbied Eddie Hearn from ringside at The O2 tells you the wait may almost be over.

Earlier this year, “Freezy” had outlined his plans. Sadly for the fans, it could be 2022 before they come to fruition for the exciting star.

“That is the question everybody is looking forward to hearing ‘when?’ When things are coming out? And when is Freezy going to fight in BT or Sky?

“When is Freezy going to get his belt? Since like two years ago, people have kept asking this question, ‘when are you gonna turn pro?’. I’m looking forward to that,” MacBones told First Round Media in an interview revealing his plans.

“But obviously, I always want to make sure that my skills are perfect and I’m ready to go.”

On what has taken him so long to make the move to ditch the amateur vest, he added: “I don’t want to be like other boxers who turn pro, they go inside there, and they keep lost and lost.

“Obviously, I lost six fights in amateur, and I don’t want to be like that in my professional profile.

“I would say end of this year or next year Freezy will come out, but I can’t give you [specific] time.

“December, October, or November next year or something, but Freezy will come out no matter what. It’s about time, baby!”

Jackson MacBones Freezy


The fact that we are fast approaching 2022 and the clock is ticking on MacBones’ career means any top promoter looking to cash in on his talent should move quickly.

MacBones seemingly has the charisma and power to be successful on both sides of the ring. A lucrative deal with BooHooMan is evidence of that fact.

He’s already halfway there, given that people are talking about him in the same breath as Mike Tyson. Therefore, now is the time to strike while the iron is hot.

You only get one crack at it.

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