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Home » Jake Paul explains why he chose to fight Tyson Fury’s younger brother

Jake Paul explains why he chose to fight Tyson Fury’s younger brother

YouTuber Jake Paul aims to prove the critics, including World Boxing News, wrong by facing a novice boxer in Tommy Fury.

The 24-year-old steps up in class from MMA fighters who are bereft of fundamental boxing skills to face the 7-0 Fury on December 18.

Even though Fury hasn’t fought a live opponent yet, and holds little-known prospects, Paul sees the test as an ideal way to shove some ill-feeling towards him down people’s throats.

WBN has panned Paul’s efforts from day one but had to include the “content creator” on the site as promised if he fought a “real fighter.”

Many can argue whether Fury is that “real fighter” he craves, but you cannot argue that he comes from a real fighting family.

Fury’s older brother is the world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. Maybe without that link, Paul wouldn’t have been interested in the clash at all.

“I started my professional boxing career less than two years ago, on January 30, 2020. Four fights, three pay-per-views, two as the headliner, and one sold-out arena.

“I’m looking forward to my toughest challenge yet and continuing to prove the critics wrong,” said Paul, reminding all that he had a questionable history in the ring before Fury.

“Fight a real boxer, they’ve said. That is exactly what I’m doing [against] an undefeated boxer from the legendary Fury bloodline.

“However, this one is more than just boxing for me. It’s for America and showing the world there is no other country that gives you the opportunity to achieve whatever you set your mind to.”

Jake Paul Tommy Fury


In a bizarre twist, Fury must change his name to “Tommy Fumbles” if he loses. This stipulation is just one of the reasons why many can’t take Paul’s attempts at a boxing career seriously. The clause also comes after Tyron Woodley got forced to get a tattoo.

Paul said: “It’s for every young person who has a dream and dedicates their life to achieving it.

“On December 18, I’m continuing to fulfill my dreams and turning a Fury into a [Tommy] Fumbles.”

In his last fight, he defeated former mixed martial arts world champion Woodley in August. Woodley almost put Paul through the ropes, though. It could have been a hellacious knockout had the ropes not saved him.

Now, Jake Paul looks forward to his “fifth professional boxing match.” He takes a sizable step up in competition and puts his undefeated record on the line.

Paul has garnered unprecedented attention for a young “boxer” since he entered the ring against NBA star Nate Robinson. He defeated him with a show-stopping knockout that made headlines around the world.

Paul is now taking the next step in his young career versus Love Island reality TV star Fury.

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