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EXCLUSIVE: “Deontay Wilder will become two-time heavyweight champ”

Trainer Malik Scott has promised to guide Deontay Wilder to another world heavyweight title win after the pair played out a barnstormer with Tyson Fury.

After a controversial rematch with Fury ended with Wilder’s reputation in tatters, the whole event became problematic for the American to swallow.

Months of allegations against Fury and mediation to secure the trilogy meant Wilder’s name got dragged through the mud.

But the sheer effort put in by both Wilder and Scott in the third installment brought everything back in sync. The thrilling contest even enhanced Wilder’s reputation from the first fight, where he nearly pulverized Fury in the final round.

Now, with just under a month to digest the second loss of his career, Scott admits it’s been tough for both men to switch off from their comeback plans.

Speaking exclusively to WBN’s Dan Rafael, Scott outlined that the clock is ticking on returning to the ring for the former WBC heavyweight ruler.

“I planned on not talking about boxing with him,” Scott told WBN. “But Deontay is such a warrior, such a natural fighter, that he’s already plotting and planning the same way he did after the (second) fight against Fury.

“His whole thing is to get right back. My whole thing is I’m telling him is not only should you rest, but it’s also a deserved rest.”

Deontay Wilder return


After discussing the situation with Wilder, Scott is now even more convinced another world championship chance will come their way.

When it does, the 35-year-old will take it with both hands.

“After the fight, I kept telling people Deontay’s going to rest. I don’t want to talk about boxing with him. I’m not even going to bring boxing up.

“But after the fight, I’d call him like two or three in the morning. I’d wake him up and talk to him about new drills I have for him, new stuff we have to work on.

“I’m like, ‘Bro, I got these drills, we going to do this when we get back. You’re going to be a two-time heavyweight champion.

“It just didn’t happen for us on the night. But, bro, you won a whole lot of glory.

“I said I wouldn’t talk to him about boxing for a bit. Then the minute I go look at the fight, I call him immediately with no consideration for the time. We laughed about it.”

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