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Home » Mike Tyson fighting a talentless YouTuber on PPV? – A new low for boxing

Mike Tyson fighting a talentless YouTuber on PPV? – A new low for boxing

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is currently being linked to facing a YouTuber pretending to be a boxer despite a distinct lack of skill.

Following on from his “spar exhibition” with Roy Jones Jr. that somehow sold over one million Pay Per Views, Tyson looks to be cashing in by capitalizing on a YouTuber’s lemming-like subscribers.

It could be seen as a case of “who can blame Mike?” – However, this YouTuber has no business being in our sport. He is an embarrassment every time he laces up gloves.

If you have followers on social media, it’s become a right of passage to be able to engage in anything you like. Boxing fans are powerless to stop it as “real fans” are not the ones buying this waste of time.

Those purchasing are those who take in whatever the YouTuber does on his channel each week. Whether it’s filming dead bodies or making an ass of himself day in and day out to take home undeserved money for his talentless existence.

Him entering boxing is only diminishing the name of our sport. It shows that any joker can turn his hand at what should be classed as a highly skilled and dangerous way to make a living.

These idiots are making a mockery of that with their “safe zone” boxing bouts that are predetermined to make sure they don’t get hurt.

Floyd Mayweather admitted that when he fought the same clown in the most boring exhibition of all time.

Mike Tyson production Triller

Joe Scarnici / Triller


If you want to do an exhibition properly, you have to look at the way the old Mexican warriors do it. Each and every time it’s a worthy excersise just to see them compete again.

This kind of event, where an aged Mike Tyson who can hardly throw a punch anymore goes through a pointless bout in order to enhance a YouTuber’s ability to sell PPV’s, has no place in any sport – let alone boxing.

It belongs in a pub on a Friday night with a handful of people pay ten bucks a pop. But somehow, we’ve ended up here and I can’t wait until it’s over.

Please Mike Tyson, don’t give this idiot the time of day. You don’t need the money that badly.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

Phil Jay – Editor of World Boxing News since 2010 with over one billion views. Follow WBN on Twitter @WorldBoxingNews.