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AIBA confident National Federations will establish prize fund for all championships

AIBA President Umar Kremlev is confident that NFs will establish a prize fund for each National championships.

During his visit to Slovenia, AIBA President Mr. Umar Kremlev met with boxers, coaches and referees & judges in Maribor. The participants had the opportunity to ask their questions to the President and communicate directly.

Before the meeting started, AIBA President gifted 300 pairs of gloves and headguards to the Slovenian team.

‘From this year, AIBA pays prize money for the World Championships medalists. I am confident that in the future also National Federations will establish a prize fund for each National championships. Our prize funds for Men’s and Women’s editions of the AIBA World Championships are equal because we are committed to gender equality.

Each weight category winner receives $100 000 USD, for second place the reward is $50 000 USD, for the third place – $25 000 USD. For 13 men’s categories the prize fund is $2,6 million USD, for women – $2,4 million USD for 12 weight categories,’ Mr. Kremlev said.

He stressed that only together ‘we can make boxing a clean and transparent sport.’

‘Should you have any questions or concerns, should you see any violation of the rules, do not hesitate to inform me so we can react fast. My goal is not to rule boxing, my goal is to help to create conditions for athletes and coaches. This is my responsibility as I should justify the trust given to me by the whole boxing family,’ he added.

President also reminded R&Js that after 3 violations, judges will be banned from the sport forever.

‘We have started a huge educational process for referees and judges. It is free of charge for all the participants with new programs of the course. It will be available in each country,’ Mr. Kremlev claimed.

‘We made AIBA debt-free in six months, now we are delivering our best in the development,’ he concluded.

Later at the boxing venue of the National boxing championships, Umar Kremlev took part in the press conference. He stated that boxing in Slovenia would continue growing and AIBA would work in close contact with the National Federation.

‘I am happy to see the work of the newly elected president Mr. Robert Reher. I am sure that with this approach the results for Slovenian boxing will be great soon. Slovenia is a lovely country and I want to come back here soon,’ he mentioned.

Mr. Kremlev underlined that AIBA Family would enjoy the upcoming AIBA Men’s World Boxing Championships. For the first time in its 75-year history, AIBA offers a huge prize fund for the best of the best.

Umar Kremlev opened the finals of the National boxing championships of Slovenia together with Slovenian Boxing Association President Mr.Robert Reher and Vice President of Slovenian NOC Mr. Tomaž Barada.