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AIBA Women’s World Championships set for November in Istanbul

It is officially confirmed that AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships will take place in the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

During the official visit of AIBA President Umar Kremlev to Istanbul, an agreement was signed between AIBA and the Turkish Boxing Federation. Dates are considered as early December.

‘I would like to thank the Ministry of Sports of Turkey and Mr. Kremlev for choosing our country and our Federation as a host of such significant event in the world of boxing,’ President of the Turkish Boxing Federation Eyüp Gözgeç said.

‘I am glad to announce that the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships will be held here in Istanbul. Turkey is a big boxing country and has a rich history. I would like to thank all Turkish authorities as President of the country, Prime Minister, Minister of Sports, Deputy Minister of Sports of Turkey, Head of the Istanbul Sports Department, the Turkish Boxing Federation and others for support’, AIBA President claimed.

‘AIBA is rapidly changing, we are on the way to big reform. We are doing a lot of work for the sake of National Federations, a large program of assistance and financial support is implemented. We allocate budget and sports equipment, communicate with NFs directly. We will protect our boxers and coaches in every country of the world, AIBA is their home,‘ Mr. Kremlev added.

‘Gender equality is one of our main goals in the sport of boxing. I am happy to confirm that prize money for the medalists will be exactly the same as for Men’s World Championships. For the first time in AIBA’s 75-year history, medal winners will be rewarded with significant prize money from AIBA. The prize money fund has been set at $2,4 million USD for 12 weight categories. The prize for first place is $100 000 USD. Silver medalists receive $50 000 USD, and both bronzes in each weight category receive $25 000 USD,‘ Mr. Kremlev concluded.

The Officials also visited sports venues to oversee possibilities for holding the World Championships.

During the World Championships in Turkey, AIBA Extraordinary Congress will be held, and major reforms of the organization will be announced. The leaders of the NFs, boxers and champions of past years will visit Turkey, the Championships promised to be historical ones.

AIBA Men’s World Championships will take place in Serbia, Belgrade from 24th of October till 6th of November.