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Home » David Haye and Joe Fournier continue to insist they are no longer friends

David Haye and Joe Fournier continue to insist they are no longer friends

Former world cruiserweight ruler David Haye turned up the heat this week on the man he’s now calling his “former friend” Joe Fournier.

The pair are due to meet on Triller in a Saturday night bout that will earn both millions. The trouble is the fans aren’t buying it.

Good comments on Haye’s social media thread are hard to come by as skepticism runs rife over their proposed fight.

Speaking about the contest this week, Haye and Fournier attempted to talk a good game.

“There’s going to be a ring on Saturday night and us standing in it, and you’re going to get punched in the head,” said Haye.

“Once the bell rings, know that I’m here to win. Even with all that money you have, you can’t buy the feeling that true fighters have. And you’re going to realize that when the first bell rings.

“There’s only one way to straighten this out, and that’s on Saturday night.”

Fournier, who boasts one of the worst winning records in the sport, added: “David’s ego is too big, he would never accept the fact that I can beat him.

“I will beat him on Saturday night. But I see for myself why elegance beats brute power.

“I don’t fight for the money. For me, it’s a legacy. No one else would be doing this.

“I skipped a lot of steps to get where I’m at, and this is another step to beat the colossal David Haye.

“He’s a decreasing asset, and I see that. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have been in the ring with him but now absolutely.”


For years, the pair have been close pals, with Haye helping Fournier get into the sport and training alongside him.

British supporters of boxing particularly don’t seem to be buying the beef.

“Watching this face-off was possibly the lowest moment in my 40 years of loving the sport of boxing. You’ve no shame, David Haye. What a joke,” said one.

“It’s astonishing that Triller has paid to put on this spar between friends,” said another.

You can make your own mind up if you pay the fifty bucks.

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