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Home » Oscar Valdez reputation battered as Robson Conceicao has huge decision

Oscar Valdez reputation battered as Robson Conceicao has huge decision

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After a failed drug test mismanaged by authorities ahead of a WBC title defense, Oscar Valdez faces a cloud hanging over him for the rest of his career.

Valdez was handed twelve months of probation on a technicality. Now the case is all over social media with some high-profile views.

It’s feared the reputation of Valdez will never be the same with the fans despite the boxer denying any wrongdoing.

“My people. I’ve never used banned substances to enhance my performance. I have never done it,” said the champion.

“I have been respectful of the anti-doping rules since I was an amateur, Olympian, and now professional.

“Since I became world champion in 2016, I have been VADA-tested more than 30 times. I insisted — in writing — on VADA testing for myself and Robson Conceição for this fight.

“I would like to thank my manager Frank Espinoza, Top Rank, Eddy Reynoso. My entire team for standing by me throughout this process.

“I would also like to thank the Pascua Yaqui Boxing Commission for the due process in hearing my case.

“I will happily comply with the stipulations set forth by the World Boxing Council to collaborate in the programs, tests, and other activities required of me.

“See you on September 10th in the first defense of my WBC World Title in Tucson, Arizona.”

Valdez’s statement did little to save him from a very public and vocal battering, including fellow professionals and boxing personnel.

“PEDS and cheating are rampant in boxing. Excuses and inconsistencies in dealing with failed tests abound,” said promoter Lou DiBella.

“Discretion is misused regularly by decision-makers. There is never a line in the sand. We need to stop pretending that we are a clean sport that adequately polices itself.”

After the verdict, DiBella added: “Disgrace! Typical, expected, unfair, arbitrary disgrace. There are no rules.

“Clean sport? No way, no how. Safe sport? Nope. Fair? No way. Boxing business as usual! And it was all left in the hands of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe Athletic Commission. Really?”

Gervonta Davis commented on the tea excuse used by Valdez and his trainer Eddy Reynoso.

“I’m drinking tea all camp. I gotta see what it’s hitting for – s—— me!”

Heavyweight Eddie Chambers aired his views by saying: “If you get caught on PEDS, I believe you should go to jail or [get] banned for life.

“We have seen Boxers lose their life in that ring!”

George Kambosos, preparing for his clash with Teofimo Lopez, offered strong words.

“Cheaters in boxing have no place. Plain and simple f— off and do that s— somewhere else!

“The incompetence of everyone involved letting this fight go-ahead is a joke and disgrace to boxing!”

As an incredible fan debate raged on making PED’s legal, Julian Williams responded in kind.

“If your solution to the PED problem in boxing is “make them legal so every fighter can use them and no one has an advantage,” please unfollow me right now.

“That’s the dumbest I’ve heard, and it’s getting repeated way too much.”

Once again, Lou DiBella had his say.

“Amen! I have gotten this comment repetitively from too many who aren’t thinking.

“Boxing is an unforgiving combat sport, and unfair advantages through PEDs are dangerous. Boxers aren’t hitting baseballs. They’re hitting people.”

Boxing producer Mark Ortega simply asked for consistency when it comes to punishments in the sport.

“David Benavidez got stripped of his WBC title for doing cocaine out of competition while not training for a fight.

“Oscar Valdez allowed to keep the same sanctioning body title and fight next weekend. Make it make sense,” he pointed out.

Oscar Valdez


Ishe Smith, so often the voice of reason in situations like this, was spot on as usual.

“So much drama regarding Oscar Valdez still fighting, being allowed to fight. The public is outraged and rightful so.

“He should sit this one out, honestly. Reschedule for later in the year, apologize and move on, adhere to more strict testing and unannounced testing.”

The bigger question is now that of opponent Robson Conceicao. Should the Brazilian speak up with his views and potentially make the final decision on whether the Oscar Valdez fight does go ahead?

With just six days left until the pair trade punches, that may not be viable in the current climate. We wait and see how it pans out.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN. An Auxiliary member of the Boxing Writers Association of America since 2018. And a member of the Sports Journalists’ Association. Follow on Twitter @PhilJWBN.