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Home » 42-0 Floyd Mayweather chaser plots world title shot, talks Canelo vs Bivol

42-0 Floyd Mayweather chaser plots world title shot, talks Canelo vs Bivol

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Nicknamed the “Floyd Mayweather chaser” by WBN after remarks by Oscar De La Hoya, Gilberto Ramirez is on the path to a second world title.

“Zurdo” is staying in shape as news approaches of a chance to move to 43-0. Another win in 2021 would see Ramirez move just seven wins from equaling Mayweather’s fabulous 50-0.

Ramirez stopped Sullivan Barrera last time out and now wants one of the world champions. As the situation develops, the Mexican stays on high alert.

“As I get closer to my fight news, I’ll start my pre-camp to make sure I’m at my target weight before even entering training camp,” said the 42-0 Golden Boy star.

“It’s not like my teenage years, so I need to make sure everything is precise and on track before camp.”

Linked to Dmitry Bivol before countryman and rival Canelo Alvarez earmarked the Russian as an alternative to Caleb Plant, Ramirez is not holding his breath for the chance.

At the moment, I can’t hate on him (Bivol) for taking his shot. But, if the fight doesn’t happen, he and his team know I’m available, and there won’t be any other fight or excuse to avoid me.

“I’m open to fighting any of the World champions in the light heavyweight division.

“I’ve always said I’m the best in the division, and there’s no one I wouldn’t fight for the title assuming all the other variables align.”

He added: “I’ve known Bivol from before [they sparred], and he’s a tough fighter with a warrior mentality. I hope he’s not just a talker and doesn’t detract from calling me out publicly on social media and announcing it to the world.

“Everyone knows it’s an easy fight to make [on DAZN]. I know nothing on my side [Team Zurdo & his promoter Golden Boy’s Oscar De La Hoya] is holding it back from making it happen.”

Canelo Dmitry Bivol
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Concluding on Bivol possibly landing Canelo, Ramirez stated: “People may say he is avoiding me by chasing the ‘Canelo’ fight. But I hope he gets it.

“Everyone knows ‘Canelo’ is the lottery ticket.”

Canelo vs. Ramirez would be some hot ticket in Las Vegas or Texas if both sides could make it one day. As it simmers, promoter De La Hoya keeps stirring the Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez pot until it does.

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