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“He chose to clinch” – WBA’s shock Mykal Fox vs. Gabriel Maestre report

WBN glanced at the World Boxing Association website to find some sort of acknowledgment that Mykal Fox got wronged against Gabriel Maestre.

What we found was yet more spin on a disgusting decision. Fox was out-scored in a fight that many since, including Lou DiBella and Al Bernstein, believe got decided pre-fight.

Judges John Mariano, Gloria Martinez Rizzo, and David Singh should hang their heads in shame. Bernstein says they should get struck off from ever judging again.

But it was Rizzo who took the spotlight after racist tweets got uncovered on her Twitter feed. Rizzo, a staunch Donald Trump supporter, has since reportedly joined Parler.

Rizzo labeled America’s historic black First Lady Michelle Obama “Monkey Face” in one of her offending posts.

When addressing the situation and ordering a review under pressure, WBA President Gilberto Mendoza failed to mention the discovery.

Looking at the WBA’s report into the fight and how it went down, though, you can see something isn’t right.

There was no mention of bad scoring, only that “Fox chose to clinch” at times as “Maestre tried to deploy his attack.” The truth is, Fox won almost every round and dropped Maestre, which did not reflect on the scorecards.

Read for yourself below. The article seen got credited to “WBA Press.”

Gabriel Maestre Mykal Fox World Boxing Association

Sean Michael Ham

WBA Fox Maestre report


Gabriel Maestre defeated Mykal Fox by unanimous decision this Saturday at Armory, Minneapolis, and became the new Interim Welterweight Champion of the World Boxing Association (WBA).

The two-time Olympian scored 114-113, 115-112, and 117-110 on the judges’ cards in a bout in which he had to rebound from an early knockdown to win.

Maestre encountered an extremely difficult opponent in Fox, who took advantage of his height to keep the Venezuelan at a distance. In the second round, he counterattacked with a straight left that sent Maestre to the canvas.

Maestre got up and began to incessantly attack Fox. The fight was developed with the Venezuelan going to the front and Fox walking the ring. Maestre tried to deploy his attack from mid-distance and was able to land some good punches, but when he entered close distance, Fox chose to clinch.

Maestre improved his undefeated record to 4 wins, with 3 KOs. Fox now has 22 wins, 3 losses, and 5 KOs.