Stevie McKenna: I don’t think Conor Benn would want to fight me

Stevie McKenna

Hennessy Sports

Towering at 6ft 1in and undefeated in eight fights all by KO, Irish welterweight Hitman Stevie McKenna has warned rival Conor Benn that he’ll be too big and strong for the “wee” Brit if and when they fight.

Speaking to Ali Drew for an exclusive interview on Hennessy Sports’ YouTube Channel, McKenna says that he’d be major threat to Benn who knows that the County Monaghan terror is too powerful and does not fancy the fight as he would lose his title, record and pride if he lost.

Unbeaten McKenna has caused a stir since his pro debut in the super-lightweight division with eight stunning stoppages, five have been wiped out in the opening round and only one has made it into the fifth, but now that the 24-year-old has moved up to the 147-pound ranks, he believes he will be an even more devastating force.

McKenna said, “I’m building into a big strong 147, I’m six foot one, I’ll fill into a massive 147. I was big for 140 so coming up for 147 I feel a lot stronger and working on my power punching.

“It’s going to be exciting at 147, there’s a lot of names out there that I’d be after.

“As you know Conor Benn’s one of them, I’d love to get him into the ring, if he’ll get into the ring with me. I don’t think he’d want it.”

“He knows, he knows I’m too big too and strong for him. I’d have no problem taking Conor Benn out of there. I’d fight him in the morning.

“Conor Benn’s really only a wee small super-lightweight. He’s not a 147, he’s very small, I’m too strong and big for him,”

“The 147 is a strong division at the moment and in the next two years I want to be up there winning a world title and be up there with them names.

“Hopefully next year we’ll get big fights and get Connor Benn next summer. It’s a fight that the fans in the UK and Ireland would love to see and it would be a big fight.

“We need big fights back in Ireland as well and it could happen there and in the UK the fans would love to see it,”

In the wide-ranging interview, McKenna talks about his recent sparring trip to England with Robbie Davies Jr.; sparring with brother Aaron and becoming joint World Champions.

Also, aiming to become Irish boxing’s next big star; his increased popularity since fighting live on Channel 5 and; fighting the best in the 147-pound division.

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