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Home » Paulie Malignaggi offers Conor McGregor “winner takes all” battle

Paulie Malignaggi offers Conor McGregor “winner takes all” battle

Former world champion Paulie Malignaggi has offered ex-UFC ruler Conor McGregor a winner takes all battle following the Irishman’s latest defeat.

On the back of his beloved Italy winning the Euros and announcing that he will return to the ring for an exhibition, At the Fights welcomed Malignaggi to their show.

He was quite candid, reacting to Dustin Poirier’s win over McGregor at UFC 264 as well as his forthcoming exhibition with Corey B.


You can listen to the interview in full on the SXM App now. Below are snippets of what got said.

A big soccer fan was out celebrating when Italy won the Euro tournament.

I don’t think he would fight Conor McGregor because I don’t think he would want to fight him.

The only deal he would do to fight McGregor is a winner takes all.

Betting against McGregor is easy because his fans are rabid and talk him up enough to make the odds more even.


He believes that McGregor is an underdog against anybody.

You can do a winner take all fight because the loser gets on 10k in winnings. That is basically nothing compared to how much the winner would get.

Don’t consider his celebrity fights real fights and finds it weird people will watch youtube stars fight but not real fights.

Thinks Triller is a good company but has heard rumors of not knowing how much longer Triller will be around from what he has heard.

Paulie Malignaggi Conor McGregor


He’s only going to go into a fight. He’s going to get paid what he believes he’s worth.

It reflects on his bare-knuckle fight. He probably would have negotiated boxing judges instead of MMA judges. He believes he would have won via knockout if he didn’t break his hand.


Not sure if he would do the bare-knuckle fight again because he felt robbed in the last fight. He doesn’t want to be in that position again.

Believe that bare-knuckle fighting is growing. But they need to use boxing judges because they don’t think MMA fighters are used to judging fights with just punches.

Celebrity boxing is here for now. It could change into something else later on.

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