Infamous Mike Tyson tattoo fades, almost not visible twenty-five years on

Mike Tyson fading Tattoo

World Boxing News recently noticed a distinct difference in a picture of former heavyweight champion of the world “Iron” Mike Tyson.

In a picture taken from an Instagram video grab, Tyson’s infamous tattoo is beginning to look a lot more faded than usual.

Now, whether it is wear and tear or whether Tyson has done it manually, the notorious inking is nowhere near as prominent as it once was.

Discussing his tattoo when on his successful HotBoxin Podcast, Tyson aired his views on the origin of the tribal mark.

“I don’t know. I was supposed to do it earlier. Put this tattoo. I wanted a tattoo on my face.

“I was gonna put a bunch of hearts on my face. There’s a bunch of little hearts, and my friends are like, no, I am not gonna do anything whack like that.

“So he said let’s think about putting a tribal mark or something in there. And I said, okay, we will do that. So he caked me a couple of days later.

Mike Tyson
Stacey Verbeek

“He brought up this tribal mark. So I said let’s do it, and we did it.”

In a recent collaboration with Coppergel, Tyson appeared alongside Star Trek’s William Shatner. However, it was Shatner who boasted the most visible version of the video.

“Michael, I got a tattoo … can you tell?” Shatner told Mike. “I love it,” he replied.


Now, instead of removing the face mark, Tyson talked about the potential to ink his whole body earlier this year.

“Listen, the other day, I was thinking about just getting a tattoo. I’m in such good physical condition. I was thinking about getting my whole body inked up,” Tyson pointed out.

“I saw somebody who has his whole body from neck to toe, and he was fit like myself, and he looked beautiful, and I said ‘Wow!’ His body was all tattooed out, and I thought that was beautiful.”

Let’s hope Mike doesn’t go that far, but he may want to go back to the tattoo parlor to get his face re-done to make it stand out again.,

Furthermore, it has become his distinct trademark over the years.