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Home » “Errol Spence can’t beat out of this world freak of nature Manny Pacquiao”

“Errol Spence can’t beat out of this world freak of nature Manny Pacquiao”

Errol Spence will not be able to cope with the speed, power, tenacity, and experience of Senator Manny Pacquiao when the pair meet on August 21st in Las Vegas.

That’s the view of staunch Pacquiao supporter and coach Justine Fortune.

Never one to keep his opinions to himself, Fortune aired his views ahead of Pacquiao arriving at training with Freddie Roach at the Wild Card.

Fortune told “I’m not a gambling man, and I don’t make predictions of fight outcomes, but I can tell you for sure the best of Spence can’t beat the best of Manny.

“The age difference is not a factor [Errol Spence is 31 years of age]. Manny hasn’t slowed down at 42. He’s a freak of nature.

“His power is a God-given gift, and that’s not going away with age. Manny knows his body, and he’s always in superb condition.

“He’s done 71 fights, and he’s been a pro since 1995. That’s 26 years ago. That experience goes a long way. Manny’s speed, power, and condition are out of this world.”

On Pacquiao flying over to Los Angeles last weekend, Fortune added: “Perfect timing, we still have seven weeks to go before the fight.

“Manny will be ready 100 percent. That’s just the way he is. In workouts, he’ll always ask for more rounds.

Manny Pacquiao


“In Spence’s fight against Danny Garcia last December, he looked slow and wasn’t as strong as he used to be. Garcia ended up with just a black eye.

“Manny’s opponents usually end up in the hospital. I think there’s a lingering effect from Spence’s car accident in 2019.”

On why he didn’t travel to The Philippines to help the eight-weight champion before now, Roach’s right-hand man stated: “It would’ve been useless.

“I would’ve been quarantined in a hotel for ten days. Like I’d be in prison,” he concluded added that he was happy to wait until Manny arrived.


Upon landing in California, Manny Pacquiao got met by drug testers working with the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency.

After a row erupted on social media, the move came when Snac boss Victor Conte accused Pacquiao of not signing up for testing.

As it happens, all is well, and Pacquiao did enroll despite Conte being vocal on the matter.