We now know why Don King didn’t want heavyweight to fight anyone with a pulse

Mahmoud Charr Christoper Lovejoy Heavyweight

Torsten Helmke

Mahmoud Charr pummeled an overrated, overweight Christopher Lovejoy to secure a shot at his old heavyweight “title” on Saturday night.

Now we know why Don King didn’t want Lovejoy fighting anyone with a pulse. The Hall of Fame promoter tried vehemently to halt Lovejoy fighting Dave Allen and Charr. He clearly wanted an in-house battle with Trevor Bryan, another overrated heavyweight, to sell on Pay Pay View.

A shocking turn of events.

When his entrance music sounded yesterday evening, it was clear Charr was finally about to return to the ring. The WBA world champion (in recess) had to deal with things outside of the rope area in the past few years, but now he could shine athletically again.

In the Cologne sports studio Baaden, he played the main fight against the previously undefeated American Christopher Lovejoy, who has won all of his duels by knockout.

After the ring gong sounded, it was first palpated. Both boxers minimized the risk in the first three minutes. Only with the second round did the action pick up speed – and then the fight was over again!

Mahmoud Charr beats Christoper Lovejoy
Torsten Helmke

Charr put Lovejoy in the corner of the ring and hit with a solid right, put another hand behind it, and sent the 139-kilo colossus from Las Vegas into the ring dust. Lovejoy did not recover from this in time and was counted out by referee Jürgen Langos.

A deserved opening win for Charr after a three and a half year break.

The 36-year-old will now prepare for further tasks and do everything to ensure that there is no such long abstinence again. The next few weeks and months will show where we are headed.

Heavyweight pressure

“The pressure was great, but real diamonds are only created under pressure. The champ is back. Team Diamondboy is back.

“I am happy and grateful that I was able to reward myself and my team today for the hard training over the past 3.5 years, for never having stopped believing in myself and fighting for myself, ” said Charr.

Faust, Hammer, and Gökcek make short work of it

Three fighters from EC Boxing were also active in the supporting program.

In the heavyweight division, the Ukrainian giant Victor Faust met the Pole Jacek Piatek. He had already attacked in round one after several direct hits that the fight was over.

“Victor has mastered his tasks with flying colors so far – and this is the case today. We still have a lot to do with him, ” stated Erol Ceylan, head of EC Boxing .

“It is possible that Faust, unbeaten in seven duels, will contest his first title fight this year.”

ECB veteran Christian Hammer, who was five kilograms lighter than last, did not have a much longer working day than his colleague Faust.

After several knockdowns, he defeated his overwhelmed opponent Patryk Kowoll prematurely.

At that point, you had only reached the third round. Ceylan has big plans for him too.

“Christian has so much talent. However, sometimes I have the feeling that I believe in him more than he does in himself. If that changes, there is even more in it for him. ”

The super-lightweight Volkan Gökcek, advertised by Ceylan as a “great talent,” also indicated in Cologne why so high hopes are placed in him.

The 25-year-old Turk covered his counterpart, Giorgi Mtchedlidze from Georgia, with lightning-fast combinations. He put him under great pressure.

In the second round, it became too much – Gökcek Mtchedlidze nailed one of the ring corners, which resulted in the fight being broken off.

At the beginning of the event, Mohammed Bekdash and debutant Branimir Malenica were also able to claim early victories.

The fight evening organized by Diamond Boy Promotion in cooperation with Don Pedro Entertainment and EC Boxing was entertaining all around.