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Home » Fabio Tuchi claims EU cruiserweight belt, calls out Tommy McCarthy

Fabio Tuchi claims EU cruiserweight belt, calls out Tommy McCarthy

Fabio Turchi is the new European Union cruiserweight champion and he wants to fight European champion Tommy McCarthy against whom he lost on points by split decision (113-115, 116-112 and 112-116) one year and half ago.

Turchi won the European Union belt last Friday in Milan, Italy, defeating on points (115-113 on all scorecards) French champion Dylan Bregeon at Allianz Cloud in a card promoted by Opi Since 82-Matchroom-DAZN e streamed live by DAZN.

Turchi always attacked Bregeon but after one or two punches landed, Turchi couldn’t follow up because Bregeon did what he had to do to prevent him from throwing combinations.

That was the limit of the fight that could have been more entertaining if Bregeon had come to fight. Bregeon never looked in danger of being knocked out and that’s what he wanted.

According to many reporters, Fabio Turchi’s victory was larger than two points.

After the win, Fabio Turchi screamed “McCarthy!” and then said that he thinks about that loss every morning when he wakes up. A couple of weeks ago,

Fabio Turchi also claimed that he should be European champion now and that losing to McCarthy slowed down his career.

For those unfamiliar with boxing this side of the Atlantic Ocean, the European Union belt is a secondary championship to the European title and the EU champion is one of the main challengers of the European champion.

Fabio Turchi’s record is now made of 19 wins, 13 by KO, and 1 loss. Dyland Bregeon falls to 11-1.

The fight for the vacant Italian super middleweight championship between Ivan Zucco and Luca Capuano was very entertaining and stole the show.

Zucco his known for his power and said: “I don’t think that Capuano will brawl with me”. Capuano did and it was a big mistake.

Zucco landed many clean shots and Capuano felt them. In the sixth round, Zucco hit Capuano with a short left hook to the jaw and Capuano looked hurt.

There were only 20 seconds left until the end of the round. Zucco should have assaulted Capuano to knock him out, but didn’t. In the interval between the sixth and the seventh round, Capuano decided to quit.

“I badly wanted to become Italian champion – said Ivan Zucco – and my father wanted it too. We accomplished our goal. I’m ready to fight anybody.”

Ivan Zucco improves to 13-0 wih 11 wins inside the distance. Luca Capuano fells to 11-1.

In other action, former two-time European lightweight champion Francesco Patera defeated on points on the 8 rounds distance late sub Nicola Henchiri who contributed to put up an entertaining fight.

Now, Patera is 24-3. The fight between super welterweights Samuel Nmomah and Kassimou Mouhamadou heated up only in the 7th and the 8th and final round with the fighters throwing many combinations and trying to score the knock out.

Nmomah won on points and is now 15-0. Super lightweight Armando Casamonica outclassed Matijas Petrinic and won his second pro fight.

European Union featherweight champion Mauro Forte defeated on points Cristian Narvaez in a non-title affair. Mohammed Obbadi defeated on points Joel Sanchez.