‘Staged’ Triller Pay Per View branded ‘the worst boxing event ever’

Triller put on a Pay Per View boxing event this weekend that was branded “the worst event of all time” and “rigged” by fans on social media.

Aside from the fact the main event involved a former UFC fighter who never even bothered to train for the fight that ultimately ended with one punch, the co-feature was also a disappointment.

Regis Prograis won in six rounds on a technical decision. However, loser Ivan Redkach faced accusations of not taking the bout seriously.

Comments on social media, from fans and celebrities alike, were less than complimentary.

Devin Haney said: “Tune into some real (stuff) May 29th this (stuff) is a disgrace!”

“I have no words for this,” added respected journalist Dan Rafael.

Triller Boxing Ben Askren

“HULK HOGAN, YOU ARE WORSE THAN THIS TRILLER BOXING EVENT #TrillerFightClub,” said WWE legend the Iron Sheik.

“This is the face of a man (Ben Askren) who just finessed his way into a very large pay-check.

“I will not take anything (YouTuber bum) does serious until Triller does not host it.

“The entire event felt very staged, much like that last one,” said one disgruntled fan.

Another added: “Any questions? Worst PPV even I’ve ever witnessed. I’d rather watch paint dry.

“Real professional having all your staff off their heads too. Ben Askren got up and wanted to continue. The fight should have continued.”


It’s hard to see how Triller can be taken seriously after this, and it is now apparent why Mike Tyson decided to walk away from being involved.

Giving YouTubers this kind of stage only to disrespect the sport is why boxing struggles to get a grip with younger fans.

Contrary to what some people believe, involving these influencers is a disservice to boxing and damages bonafide Pay Per View events.

Anyone that says otherwise cannot be taken seriously.

WBN has taken a stand and refused to name him as a boxer from day one.

We will not cover any “vlogger” parading as a professional boxer unless they fight a real pro who is interested in winning over money.

Until that time, this so-called “boxer” is just charging money for a substandard product. He should be ashamed of himself, but probably isn’t.


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