Territorial Pay Per View boxing charge is immoral and should be abolished

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Charging boxing fans a different amount from the rest of the world for Pay Per View in a day and age where Netflix is a guiding light is immoral and wrong.

New Zealand and the UK, two notorious territories for overcharging UK fans, are urged to disband the shocking continuance.

Since DAZN came along and began snapping up countries for their streaming service, the boxing fraternity has been asking an obvious question.

“How can we be charged $25 for a PPV when someone elsewhere is paying $10 per month?” – That is the big problem.

It seems highly controversial and discriminatory to do so. In a worldwide market, it looks like pure greed on those screening on home soil.

Even media have to fork out for PPV in some countries to cover an event the organizers want them to. Crazy.

There has to come a time when a Netflix-type company takes over, asks for a cut-price fee, and prices those PPV grabbers out of the market.

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That’s the only logical next step.

The emergence of Triller could make a big difference since they took over FITE TV. If they can acquire territorial events’ rights, they could argue legally to charge their prices in a worldwide market.

It’s hard to see how anyone who does challenge this current scenario would lose. Legally, the host countries don’t have a leg to stand on if they lose out on the rights to certain fights.

They could effectively be sold to the highest bidder and stream on services as usual. There are only a couple of places where they think this isn’t viable.

Everywhere else would be willing to comply with giving the fans the best deal possible instead of charging an excessive amount of money.

Pay Per View in America would also change forever, and the days of Floyd Mayweather asking for $100 would be over.

They could be subscribing to one service, or possibly two for around $10 or $15 per month, in the future. Fans only wish it became a reality sooner rather than later.

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