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Home » Heavyweight turned actor Larry Olubamiwo lands role in Marvel’s ‘Venom 2’

Heavyweight turned actor Larry Olubamiwo lands role in Marvel’s ‘Venom 2’

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Ex-British heavyweight Larry Olubamiwo has landed a role in the forthcoming Marvel sequel ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’  WBN can report.

Olubamiwo informed World Boxing News this weekend as representatives Narrow Road updated his profile with the latest addition.

The update reads: “Larry has recently finished filming VENOM 2, which will be released later this year.”

No specification has come yet on what role Larry plays, which is due to be premiered in the United Kingdom this September.

The film once again stars multi-talented Hollywood star Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a reporter who comes into contact with an alien being in the first installment.

Brock gets superpowers when he turns into his alter-ego.

Woody Harrelson stars alongside Hardy as Michelle Williams returns as his love interest.

Andy Serkis directs the film.

Venom took over $800 million at the Box Office in 2018. With numbers like that from a movie that cost just over $100 million to make, it’s no wonder there’s a second offering.

It was initial rumored that Hardy was ready to walk away from the role.

Venom 2

The role represents another credit for Olubamiwo. He has starred in many movies, TV series, and shorts over the past two years.

Last year, WBN revealed that one-time heavyweight Larry landed a part in a BBC Drama called ‘The Capture.’ He’s since followed that up in another titled “Almost Never.”

Olubamiwo also has two projects in pre and post-production in addition to Venom 2. The Middle Man, in which he plays ‘Harlem’ and ‘Shore Leave,’ Larry plays ‘Chicken.’


The Middle Man (pre-production) – Harlem
Shore Leave (post-production) – Chicken


Almost Never (TV Series) – Security Guard
Press Conference (2020) – Security Guard

Tinder Date Chronicles (TV Mini-Series)

The Problem – Verona


The Capture (TV Mini-Series) – Kevin


Strange Mercy (Short)

Information courtesy of IMDb.

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