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“Something was wrong” with Alexander Povetkin in Dillian Whyte rematch

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According to some, Alexander Povetkin was ‘staggering to the ring’ as if he’d drunk ‘several bottles of vodka’ as Dillian Whyte exacted revenge.

Whyte bludgeoned the Russian in four rounds, but WBN noticed something was off with the WBC interim champion as he walked to the ring.

We weren’t the only ones.

Eyes glazed and looking disinterested, Povetkin was never at the races. A bit like Andy Ruiz Jr. wasn’t when he fought Anthony Joshua in his second helping.

Promoter Lou DiBella was one of the more high-profile boxing figures to notice this as Whyte took control and battered Povetkin until a fourth-round finish.

Alexander Povetkin wrong

DiBella said: “Povetkin seemed f’d up (even) walking into the ring, no? Looked gassed during the entrance.”

Fans also gave their view as Whyte completely dominated without a proper challenge coming back to him.

Alexander Povetkin Dillian Whyte
Dave Thompson


“Seemed like there was something wrong with Povetkin? – Like concussed from training. The fella was wobbling on the ring walk, never mind those early glances from Whyte!”

“Something wrong with Povetkin tonight? I didn’t think he looked right soon as he left his dressing room.”

“Something wrong with Povetkin his legs and demeanor On entering the ring, he didn’t look right.”

“Something wrong with Povetkin from the start of that fight. Like he wasn’t fit or injured. Out of sorts completely. Staggering in the first minute without been hit. Whyte’s jab was excellent.”

“Had to be something wrong with Alexander Povetkin? Is he ill? He looked not with it on the ring walk.

“He looked like he had just staggered out of a bar at 2 am after several bottles of vodka, and that was before the fight started! Round 1 seemed to confirm that too!”

None-the-less, Whyte moves on to a potential WBC final eliminator battle with Deontay Wilder as Povetkin contemplates retirement.

Bets on Whyte to win between the first and fourth-round flooded in after watching Povetkin’s ring walk. WBN one of many to profit.

It was a nice and easy win for Whyte, who can now think about a potential title fight.

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