Piers Morgan, Chris Eubank on how Michael Watson fight changed boxing

In a recent edition of Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, Chris Eubank discussed his ill-fated clash with Michael Watson and the repercussions of that.

Watson was permanently injured in the fight, leading to severe changes to how boxing dealt with safety issues.

Morgans asked Eubank about this on an emotional show that aired last Thursday on ITV.

Piers Morgan:It (the fight that injured Watson) did change boxing.

“There was a huge debate into safety. New regulations were brought in. The neurological hospital had to be within 10 minutes of the arena.

“Ambulance and paramedics on-site and increased stewarding.”

Chris Eubank: “Yeah, many, many fighters have survived and are able-bodied because of what happened that night to Michael.”


Morgan: Because I actually think that even seeing Michael here and hearing him and hearing you talk, it’s not a mug’s game.

“It’s a pursuit of extraordinary people who do extraordinary things. And, yes, it’s a battle. And yes, it’s very hard, and it can end in a serious way.

“But it is something that is worthy of pride as well.”

Michael Watson
Sky Sports

Eubank: You are a standard-bearer. As soon as you start fighting in that ring or on that mat, you know, you’ve got the world looking at you because the first instinct of a man is to protect.

“That is to fight. Now, can you be a gentleman while you’re doing it? Can you do it truly? Can you go beyond?

“You can’t win a fight, so do you quit because you can’t win, or do you go on taking that beating?

“And if you can go on taking that beating, what you’re doing for the public, you are lifting their spirits.

“And there’s no better vocation, lifting the spirits of others. You know, whatever your predicament, whatever situation you’re in, you can rise. And that’s what we do.”

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