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Home » GOAT vs. TBE: Debate begins over Tom Brady and Floyd Mayweather

GOAT vs. TBE: Debate begins over Tom Brady and Floyd Mayweather

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There’s been a lot of talk about GOAT’s lately, thanks to evergreen NFL quarterback Tom Brady. Some would argue boxing has its equivalent in Floyd Mayweather.

Both men are 43 and have been highly successful in their field.

Tom Brady now has seven Super Bowl Championships over two decades. Floyd Mayweather held twelve world titles in five separate weight classes.

Comparisons remain. But how do you differentiate their achievements?

Brady is the comeback king. However, Mayweather is the boxer who cannot stay away. Bradey has lost on the biggest stage. Mayweather never has.

There are so many statistics to go through to undertake the full assessment.

Their nicknames may give more of an insight.

Declared ‘The GOAT’ or Greatest Of All Time by his peers, fans, and media is how Bradey acquires his moniker.

For his part, Mayweather is the self-anointed TBE or The Best Ever in his own eyes.

Let’s be clear, there could be an underlying reason for this, as suggested by Mayweather, or it could just be an innocent coincidence.

Had Muhammad Ali not done similar to Floyd and took the GOAT name all for himself, also through his declaration, would Mayweather have been given the title by the boxing fraternity?

It isn’t very sure, and one situation that irks Mayweather.

You cannot doubt that Brady and Mayweather are the best in their respective field over the past two decades. All in all, there aren’t too many who can claim to have secured the same honors.

Tom Brady GOAT 2021



Brady’s quarterback feats are unmatched at seven Super Bowl Rings. Whilst his own teammate, tight end Rob Gronkowski and kicker Adam Vinatieri are the closest to Brady over the past decade.

Charles Haley has five rings but enjoyed his best spell before Brady came along.

Mayweather has Manny Pacquiao’s name mentioned in the same arguments almost every time there’s a legacy discussion. But rivals didn’t hamper Ali.

‘The Louisville Lip’ was too charismatic to argue with at times. Ali was labeled ‘The Greatest’ as a tribute to his all-round attributes – in and outside of the ring.

Not so for the polarizing Mayweather. ‘Money’ is liked and disliked, seemingly in equal measure. Therefore, some don’t adhere to the fact they should take his word for it.

That’s problem number one.

Floyd Mayweather TBE

Esther Lin


Explaining why he gave himself the name back in 2017 before he once again broke records against Conor McGregor, Mayweather was quite open about his TBE origins.

“I really wouldn’t want to say the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world,” said Mayweather.

“You know, I am no longer active. I want to say ‘The Best Ever.’ It’s not cocky or arrogant. It’s just the proof is in the pudding.

“I think I have earned the right to call myself TBE.

“And I have lived up to the name TBE by going out there, day-in, day-out, when I was active and winning.

“Have I have ever taken a loss before? Yes. In life. You lose a loved one. That’s taking a beating. When your children are hurt, that’s a loss.

“When you are sick, that’s a loss. But I got to where I got to from a lot of hard work, a solid team, a smart team that stood behind me,” he added.

Furthermore, Brady and Mayweather can both make a case to be in the shake-up for the best sportsmen of all time.

It’s up to ‘Father Time’ to decide if they fully deserve it.

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