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Home » Boxing Nutrition: What happens when you pair fat and sugar together?

Boxing Nutrition: What happens when you pair fat and sugar together?

By Dr. Philip Goglia, WBC Nutrition Committee Chairman gives another instalment of Boxing Nurtrition as he goes over pairing fat and sugar in the body.

Nutrient Absorption

The fat soluble vitamins (vit A, D, E and K) are only absorbed when paired with fat.

Therefore you are unable to absorb these nutrients from a carb only meal

Fats provide your body with energy to carry out daily activities. They also serve as carriers to the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Fat deposited in your body acts as an insulator preventing loss of heat. Fats from fish help lower your blood cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins and triglycerides. These fats also increase the amount of good cholesterol, or high-density lipoproteins, in your body. The recommended daily amount of fats for men is 95 grams and 70 grams for women.

Since sugar is a carbohydrate, it acts as the main source of energy to your body. Simple sugar acts as an immediate source of energy when metabolized. Complex sugars are able to provide your body with long-lasting energy as opposed to simple sugars. Your body breaks down any sugars you consume into simple sugars so that it can absorb them. Excess sugars are also converted and stored as glycogen in your liver and muscles. Glycogen is broken down to glucose to produce energy when primary sources are scarce.

The combination of healthy 0ne ingredient sugars that are fruit derived in combination with healthy fats from seed and nut butters increase the dietary consumption of proteins – energy sourced nutrients and antioxidant consumption. In many cases this type of snack grouping can reduce inflammation and improve coronary health.

The fat and sugar grouping is an excellent way to avoid over eating at inappropriate times of day. Food is your friend – not your adversary —- most unwanted weight gain is a result of inconstant food and meal patterns with choices of foods that are craving based as a result of daily nutrient inconsistencies. Healthy fat and sugar grouping are an easy and convenient solution for weight – health and appetite management. In fact these examples are exactly how elite athletes and endurance athletes fuel to support energy patterns – cognitive focus and body composition regulation.

Blood Sugar Regulation

By pairing fat with carbohydrates we slow the release of carbs/sugar from the digestive system. Carbs are easy to break down vs. fat.

The result is a more even release of glucose into the blood stream that supports consistent energy release and reduction of metabolic stress through-out the day.

Avoiding blood sugar spikes may help reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes and weight gain and inconsistent cravings and appetite pattern.


When eating Carbs only blood sugar will spike which is followed by a release of insulin.

This is followed by a drop in blood sugar which is a natural signal to the brain to eat again.

The combination of sugars and fats consumed as snack patterns have been proven to aid in weight management – appetite control – craving management – diabetic glucose regulation – extended cognitive clarity and focus.