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Home » ‘Canelo should be the face of boxing video game, not Floyd Mayweather’

‘Canelo should be the face of boxing video game, not Floyd Mayweather’

Rising boxing star Shakur Stevenson has aired his views on Floyd Mayweather fronting any new boxing video game that hits the shelves.

Talk of another installment of ‘Fight Night’ – EA’s prevalent version for Playstation and XBOX – making it over the line is rife in the sport.

Should it happen, Stevenson believes current pound for pound king Canelo Alvarez should be on the cover.

As well as the latest on consoles, Stevenson discussed several matters in the sport. Including whether friend Errol Spence has the tools to beat Canelo.

Shakur says he does if they met at middleweight.

Plenty of other topics hit the airwaves in the Sirius XM interview with AK and Barak. Find them below and listen to the interview in full on Sirius XM or DAZN.

• Ali’s jab and pullback counter are the first thoughts he has about him. I tried to learn some of his moves.
• Ali would appreciate guys like LeBron James – he’s a face and hero to all of our people.
• Doesn’t know why fighters aren’t as active speakers these days – many are probably selfish and thinking about themselves.
• Felt good to see Chris Colbert perform before he went out there and did his thing.

Shakur Stevenson

Mikey Williams


• Floyd shouldn’t be the face of the video game. It has to be Canelo Alvarez.
• Spence-Canelo at MW 160 – rocks with Errol, so he thinks he would win.
• Canelo is one of his favorite fighters in boxing, though.
• Can Plant beat Canelo at 168? I didn’t watch his fight this weekend, but he’s a great fighter – he’s given Canelo some problems. But he doesn’t know if he can go so far as to said he’d win.
• Waiting to see who wins the Frampton-Herring, the winner will be up next for him.
• The best guy at 135 is Teofimo Lopez. He did precisely said what he was going to do.


• Not going to rush a jump to 135.
• Jo Jo Diaz, Tank are some of the fighters that could be options for him.
• Herring beats Frampton. But he probably won’t end up fighting Herring.
• Think he’s one of the most feared young fighters in boxing. Oscar Valdez is a prime example. He said he wouldn’t fight Shakur.

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