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Home » Revealed: Manny Pacquiao vs. Yordenis Ugas fight was never ordered

Revealed: Manny Pacquiao vs. Yordenis Ugas fight was never ordered

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Manny Pacquiao has never been ordered to face Yordenis Ugas despite the eight-weight legend losing his old welterweight belt.

WBN has since declassified the World Boxing Association as a sanctioning body. That’s until they correct some controversial practices in their ranking and title system.

The WBA did not inform Pacquiao that he was in danger of losing his strap if the fight didn’t go ahead, which added further weight to the move.

Sean Gibbons, head of Manny Pacquiao Promotions, confirmed the news over the weekend.

Pacquiao was made ‘Champion in Recess’ by the WBA, which only means he’s lost the title. Ugas is now the WBA’s ‘super’ champion.

No doubting that the WBA will soon move to sanction a ‘regular’ fight for the secondary 147-pound title shortly.

Outling their reasoning for striping Pacquiao, the WBA said: “According to its rule C.14, the WBA dictates that champions and their teams must know the WBA rules – to understand the regulations.

“Rule C.22-24 states that when a champion cannot defend the belt for medical, legal, or other reasons beyond his control, he may be named ‘Champion in Recess.’

Manny Pacquiao Yordenis Ugas
@yordenis_ugas / Stephanie Trapp

“Documented medical reasons are to be presented before the WBA Medical Committee. Simultaneously, present legal grounds to the legal director and the Championships Committee.

“Any inconvenience that may arise in the process will be resolved under the guidelines of the WBA regulations.”

According to Gibbons, Pacquiao was never in a position to accept or decline an Ugas order.

Had the WBA made this clear, the ‘Pacman’ could have made an informed decision whether he should face Ugas before Ryan Garcia or Conor McGregor and keep his title.

The eight-weight champion is yet to give his reaction to the news. He seems largely unfazed by the outcome.


Fights with Garcia and McGregor are more lucrative to Pacquiao in 2021.

After Dustin Poirier humbled McGregor in his last UFC contest, Garcia is making the most noise right now.

Taking to social media this week, Garcia ruled out any notion of an exhibition with Pacquiao.

“Hey everybody, I want to make it real clear. My fight with Pacquiao would not be an exhibition,” Garcia stated.

“It will be a real fight. I am shooting for twelve rounds. All on the line. Our records will be on the line. I want to make that very clear for everybody.”

Gibbons also clarified this by saying: “Who said it was an exhibition?

“I never! – Lots of chatter on the internet. Until you hear an official announcement, it’s all gossip!”

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