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Home » Roy Jones Jr. wife Natlyn Jones launches SheWarrior athleticwear brand

Roy Jones Jr. wife Natlyn Jones launches SheWarrior athleticwear brand

Natlyn Jones, the founder of SheWarrior, is the newest — and toughest — entrepreneur to enter the athleticwear space. Wife of boxing legend Roy Jones Jr., and a boxer and trainer herself, Natlyn is a female empowerment champion.

As an African American mother of three and a Florida native, Natlyn is the embodiment of strength with a welcoming yet fierce, entrepreneurial spirit, which led her to launch SheWarrior in 2019, boxing inspired athleticwear brand geared towards women who are ready to raise a fist.

Through the brand, Natlyn is working to redefine what boxing means to women and inviting them into the ring to nurture and grow their fighting spirit. Natlyn’s mission and passion lead women towards championing their health, wellness, and inner warrior.

Natlyn graduated from Florida State University with a Degree in Criminology and a minor in Child Psychology and worked with the States Attorney’s office before her career in the boxing world.

Founded by Jones, SheWarrior is shaking up the male-dominated stereotypes surrounding boxing and strength and inviting women to “jump into the ring” and reap the physical and mental benefits.

A women’s athleticwear brand, SheWarrior focuses on how building strength and stamina can help women to be assertive, strategic, and unapologetic, inside and out. SheWarrior recognizes that women so often put their own needs after their loved ones and aims to honor the inner fighter inside every woman, challenging them to embrace themselves, champion their personal victories, and celebrate their bodies.

SheWarrior is here to support women in both their workouts and daily lives, pairing function with fashion.

In launching SheWarrior, the brand’s biggest challenge was ensuring it was sustainably made in the USA. SheWarrior is made to order, meaning they avoid adding excess stock to landfill, from upcycled plastic bottles with a local manufacturer, who uses a non-water dying method to ensure the brand has the lowest possible impact on the planet.

Approach every challenge like the final fight with SheWarrior.