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Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao still boxing’s biggest draw 25 years on

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Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao remain the most sought-after opponents in boxing a full quarter of a century after making their respective debuts.

Despite Mayweather retiring and Pacquiao being in his early forties, the pair of legends continue to be the first names on opponents’ lips.

From Conor McGregor to Amir Khan, Mayweather and Pacquaio are by far the fighters with the maximum monetary pulling power in the sport.

Only Mike Tyson comes anywhere near close to the rivals, who collided in 2015 in history’s most lucrative event.

It’s a testament to both that they have massive Pay Per View events lined up 25 years after exploding on the scene in the mid-1990s.

Mayweather battles a YouTuber in a cash-printing exercise on February 20th. In contrast, Pacquiao will likely to trade blows with ex-Mayweather foe McGregor in July or August.

Ed Mulholland

Worries about boxing’s future are rife, though, with Mayweather and Pacquiao’s reliance to generate headlines stronger than ever.

Old-foe Oscar De La Hoya felt the need to mention both this week as he plans an exhibition in 2021. At the same time, Khan has been vocal for years about his need to face them.

Therefore, how much longer can they go on?


Well, potentially for a decade or more with the new craze for exhibition bouts reaching fever pitch.

If Tyson can do it at 54 and Evander Holyfield potentially at 58, there’s no telling how long Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao can remain at the summit.

World championships will fall away as Pacquiao gets older. His WBA title is undoubtedly to become vacant at some point in 2021.

Mayweather has already given up any move back into the sport’s professional side, which takes much more training to be at one hundred percent capacity.

Neither Mayweather nor Pacquiao will need to similar in preparation for their next challenges, though.

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