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Floyd Mayweather beating YouTuber predictions becoming more bizarre

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Fears are growing that YouTuber in the firing line against a Floyd Mayweather with a money-making venture on his mind could be in big trouble.

It follows a prediction by former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson that Mayweather ‘will beat his a–‘ when the pair meet on February 20th.

Although billed as an exhibition, Floyd Mayweather is on the comeback trail in the entertainment capacity. It comes after events opened up on home soil.

Previously, Mayweather was confined to traveling to Japan for a showcase battle with a kickboxer. He was due to go again soon.

But celebrity greeting app Fanmio has now given Mayweather the platform to earn multi-million dollar paychecks. Mayweather can now do this in the US.

Standing in his way of making it a successful start is a vlogger with limited boxing talent that Tyson says is in for a beating.

Saying it to his face when taping a recent podcast, Tyson had no problem letting the presenter know what he thinks will go down next month.

But that prophecy, which was weird enough being said on the YouTuber’s own show, has led to an even more ridiculous one.

The vlogger’s own brother has now stated his thoughts that Floyd Mayweather will pummel him when they collide. Some statement. He also condemned the fight.

Floyd Mayweather 50

If your own sibling cannot back you up in what could be a boxing lesson – or worse, a humiliation, then you know you’re in difficulty.

Questions on just how hard Mayweather plans to go with the YouTuber are really only for Floyd to answer. The five-weight world champion can really do whatever he likes in there. Fifty pounds weight difference or not.

At the end of the day, a world-class little ‘un will always demolish a bigger man who doesn’t know how to box anywhere near that level. That’s a fact.


Anyone stating otherwise either doesn’t know the sport or is a supporter of the vlogger. This is a money-making exercise. It’s mere theater – plain and simple.

Mayweather will take home an eight-figure check. He’ll then move on to his next event – potentially against an MMA star later in the year.

Let’s be frank. The soon-to-be 44-year-old doesn’t even have to train properly to beat the guys he’ll be facing.

Credit to him, though. Mayweather has found a niche in the market. A way to make several millions of pounds from turning boxing matches into entertainment.

Conor McGregor started it all with Mayweather in 2017. Mike Tyson then cranked it up a notch in 2020.

It’s fully expected that Mayweather will go even further in a few weeks.

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