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Canelo vs. Smith weigh-in cancels huge size difference

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The obvious and massive size difference between Canelo Alvarez and Callum Smith was canceled out on the scales ahead of their world title clash.

Canelo and Smith face-off on Saturday night for the WBA, WBC, and lineal super-middleweight titles, with both weighing the same.

The two stars hit bang of the 168-pound limit as Smth saw his 18cm height differential made obsolete.

Watch footage provided by DAZN.

Meanwhile, Smith has told William Hill that facing Alvarez will be the toughest fight of his career, but that when he’s at the top of his game, he can beat anyone on the planet.

“It’s the toughest fight of my career, it’s the biggest profile fight,” Smith told William Hill. “He’s the first pound-for-pound fighter I’ve fought, so you’ve got to say it’s my toughest fight to date, but I’m expecting that. I’m preparing for that.

“He’s the most skillful fighter I’ll have been in the ring with. I’m looking forward to that and seeing how good he is. I believe how good he will bring out how good I am.”

Smith added: “He’s boxed so many different styles and has shown he can do a bit of everything. I’ve got to expect all different forms of Canelo Alvarez, and I’ve got to make sure the best version of me steps through those ropes.

“And I’ve always felt the best version of me can beat anyone in the world. I walk into the ring, believing I can beat anyone. That includes Canelo.”

Smith feels he has earned the right to face Canelo, adding: “I do believe I deserve to be in this fight. I’m number one in the world.

“I haven’t been picked out of a hat and given a random opportunity. I deserve to be in this fight. Now it’s time to show I’m not just a world champion, but I can compete at the elite level.”


Smith’s promoter Eddie Hearn says Canelo is so good that he is the modern-day equivalent of boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard.

When asked how big a result a Smith win would be for British boxing, Hearn said: “Massive.

“One of the reasons I love this fight so much is because you get some great British fighters, and they get to a point where they’re number one in the division, but can they be a pound-for-pound great? I think many British fighters in the past have struggled – they’ve won a world title, but they haven’t been able to beat a Marvin Hagler or a Donald Curry or a Leonard, these kinds of level guys.

“But Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez is Sugar Ray Leonard. He’s the pound-for-pound number one of our generations. So, to see a Brit go out and compete against him. To see a Brit beat him would be huge, and a lot of people give Callum a great chance.”

Hearn added: “Smith has the height, he has the reach, he has the power, but Canelo Alvarez is excellent. He really fancies it.

“I’ve noticed through dealing with Canelo and (manager) Eddy Reynoso that they’ll fight all comers, fear no-one, and want all the champions.

“And they’re really confident. That worries me a little bit.”

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