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Snoop Dogg joins revolution to stage events using Tyson vs. Jones formula

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Rapper Snoop Dogg was hailed a massive success on Saturday night when part of the transmission team for Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.

Firstly, as rumors began of a possible deal with a mainstream boxing company, those reports were quickly dispelled by Triller.

The production company behind Tyson vs. Jones moved quickly to secure Snoop for a new series.

Details of which are confirmed in the below information.

Due to the formula of Tyson vs. Jones working, there will undoubtedly be far more to come.

Proxima and Snoop Dogg together announced the launch of a new boxing league, “The Fight Club,” following the Tyson vs. Jones event’s global success.

The epic event was one of the most-watched fights of all time, garnering hundreds of millions of views worldwide.

The series will be a trailblazer in connecting celebrities from various backgrounds. From breakout social media stars and professional athletes renowned for their athletic abilities to celebrated musicians.

Also, well-known actors and other stars are willing to tackle a new venture and enter the world of boxing and pro boxers, making their way up.


“The Fight Club” will feature a never-before-seen production quality and element. As showcased this weekend in the Tyson Jones event.

Mike Tyson Triller production
Joe Scarnici / Triller

“Up until this weekend, boxing was about the experience of one small group of elite individuals who attended the fight in person,” said Ryan Kavanaugh, Principal of Proxima and co-founder of “The Fight Club.”

“What we wanted to create with the Tyson vs. Jones event was an experience for all of the viewers at home. To combine the highest-end production and lighting and a production quality never before brought to a fight.

The deal marks a paradigm shift as Triller and Proxima’s “The Fight Club” dedicates itself to delivering top-notch immersive experiences in the comfort of your home.”

Inspired by the wild success of Saturday night’s event, “The Fight Club” fights will follow professional boxing rules. The events will also feature various entertainment sources.

With award-winning musical artists taking the stage to deliver show-stopping performances and celebrity guests and commentators, the events will continue to be of the highest-caliber production quality ever seen in the world of boxing.


Snoop Dogg and Triller are partners and co-founders of “The Fight Club,” In addition to being a co-owner, Snoop will be the celebrity host and announcer of the events.

His role will include helping select the fighters. Plus, the musical acts and advising the overall production of the series.

Proxima will be the production partner, promotor (getting its promoter licenses), and marketing partner.

The series will include five to eight “The Fight Club” events annually. They will be produced with the highest production value.

Based on Kavanaugh’s production experience and extensive film background (having produced and financed over 200 films and 40 TV series and is the 26th highest-grossing producer of all time), the events are meant to continue to break boundaries set records.

With his partner, Bobby Sarnevesht, co-owner of Proxima and the Executive Chairman and co-owner of Triller, Kavanaugh, and Sarnevesht created and executed Saturday’s game-changing event, which Triller owns.

Snoop was the celebrity announcer and performed the walkout song.

Prepare for more Tyson vs. Jones-style events shortly.

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