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How to KO Anthony Joshua revealed, no secret

Anthony Joshua can be knocked out. We’ve all seen it, and the blueprint is already in the public domain. A man who knows all about that has revealed the details.

Manny Robles, mastermind and trainer behind the Andy Ruiz Jr. underdog victory, has aired his instructions on stopping AJ.

It’s not exactly rocket science, either. Robles believes Joshua is vulnerable, imperfect, and human. But is that what makes him exciting to watch?

How to KO Anthony Joshua

Well, divulging his thoughts, Robles was speaking to Marc Gatford via the blog when he said: “The right hand.

“If you time the right hand properly and jab to the chest, jab to the body, and come over with the right hand, that’s where I feel Joshua is vulnerable.

“You saw that in the Povetkin fight that he landed the right hand. Most fighters have been able to hurt Joshua. It’s the right hand.

“If you don’t work on keeping that left hand up or getting away from the right hand, the same thing is going to continue to happen.”

Anthony Joshua Andy Ruiz Jr.

Mark Robinson

On Joshua’s capabilities to keep people off, Robles added: “Got to work on that defense.

“Joshua is a great fighter, a great person, but he’s vulnerable too. He’s human. He’s not perfect; he makes mistakes. And we capitalized on those mistakes in June 2019.”

Concluding on the chances of another upset against Kubrat Pulev on December 12th, the coach stated: “Pulev is not a walk in a park. He’s an experienced fighter.

“He is definitely the type of fighter that gives Joshua a run for his money.

“Pulev doesn’t have the quickness Andy has, but if they study him, break him down, and come up with a good game plan he could be effective.”


Joshua has another chance to retain his world titles in the UK before a potential British super-fight with Tyson Fury.

The Londoner knows victory is paramount to keep up hopes of securing an undisputed unification with Fury, provided ‘The Gypsy King’ is allowed to walk away from a trilogy with Deontay Wilder.

Mediation is still ongoing between Fury and Wilder to sort out the details of the third fight.

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