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Home » Edgar Berlanga called out: ‘What happens after the first round?’

Edgar Berlanga called out: ‘What happens after the first round?’

Super middleweight contender Vaughn “The Animal” Alexander is looking to get back into contention for big fights and he’s willing to fight a man they are calling a monster, hard-punching first-round knockout specialist Edgar “The Chosen One” Berlanga, to do it.

“Why wouldn’t I want to fight Edgar Berlanga?” said a confident Alexander (15-4, 9 KOs). “He’s calls himself a monster. I want to find out. No hate at all; he’s doing what he’s supposed to do with the people they are putting him in with, but I think I will beat him.”

Saint Louis native Alexander, older brother of former two-weight world champion Devon Alexander, says he sees things in the 23-year-old Brooklynite Berlanga (15-0, 15 KOs) that will not only allow him to snap the young slugger’s 15-fight first-round KO streak, but will also carry him to victory.

“I will beat him. He’s knocking all these guys out that just stand there and offer no resistance. I will do the things that benefit me, not him; I will stand when I want to. And his power means nothing to me. I have a hell of a chin. I’ve even fought light heavyweights and still held my own.”

“I think Edgar is a promising prospect, but let’s see what happens when someone gets out of the first round,” said Michael Cameron, Alexander’s manager. “Vaughn will take him deep into the fight. Nobody knocks Vaughn out. Let’s see what happens when a real fighter like Vaughn is still there late in a fight.”

Cameron says he’s reaching out to Berlanga’s people to try and make the fight happen, hoping they decide to try and give their fighter a challenge, rather than looking to continue the KO streak.

“He’d be a good win for me,” continued Alexander. “With the wave he has going right now, it’ll put me back where I need to be to further my career. I’m not hating on him. Berlanga is a good up-and-coming prospect who is knocking everybody out because he’s a very good fighter. I’m just a real fighter in the same weight class and I feel I will beat him.”