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Home » ‘Bud’ focuses on Manny Pacquiao, says Errol Spence ‘will never happen’

‘Bud’ focuses on Manny Pacquiao, says Errol Spence ‘will never happen’

Welterweight star Terence Crawford will focus on securing a unification with Manny Pacquiao after admitting an all-US battle with Errol Spence Jr. is off.

‘Bud’ responded to reports Spence was apparently pricing himself out of a huge Pay Per View event with demands for a bigger slice of the pie.

Crawford has been open to facing Spence for some time amidst talk of a 50-50 split down the middle agreement.

But that may now be taken away from the table. Leaving the 33-year-old free to concentrate on the ‘Pacman’ for 2021.

Discussing some derogatory comments on his initial statement, “Well, look like that fight will never happen’ – Crawford hit the roof at some responses.

“I see a lot of y’all really don’t know s— about nothing. Y’all just repeating what Y’all heard or seen from somebody that doesn’t know s— about boxing.

“(They) say or post about s— that they don’t know. So that makes all y’all look stupid.

“Ninety-nine percent of the people that always got have a negative comment. They can’t even fight in real life.

“But they say you scared to fight this and that guy when they can’t last three rounds. I’m done!”

He continued: “It’s crazy when somebody tells you to take less money when you are putting your life and health on the line.

“But I bet if I went to any one of y’all jobs and said cut they pay and pay them less y’all cry a river and say y’all need a new job.

“So shut that stupid s— up,” he added.


Spence has to get through a December 5th collision with Danny Garcia before any real talks can intensify with Crawford anyway.

There are also question marks surrounding ‘The Truth’ since a 2019 car accident. Spence hasn’t fought since walking away from totaling his high-powered Ferrari Spider.

No doubting that Spence vs. Crawford is the fight the American fans really want to happen in 2021. However, it may be the case in the latter part of the year.

In the meantime, Spence will have a mandatory in the first six months after the Garcia event. This leaves Crawford to keep his crosshairs on Pacquiao.

A new TV deal on Filipino soil will have investors wanting Pacquiao to stick to boxing for the time being despite being linked to a battle with MMA star Conor McGregor.

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