Tommy Fury talks training with Sugarhill Steward

Young undefeated boxing star Tommy Fury is leaving his days as a Love Islander behind him ahead of his return to action this weekend.

After linking up with brother Tyson’s trainer Sugarhill Steward, Fury is firmly looking to a brighter future.

Asked about a possible fight with a fellow Islander on his way to honors, Fury ruled out the idea.

“I’m not interested in fighting for fame or money. I’m interested in becoming a world champion. And I’m not interested in little fantasy Love Island v Love Island fights,” Fury told Press Box PR.

I’m a professional sportsman, and I don’t see boxing as a game; I’m in this job to hurt people, do serious damage, and prove to people I’m a fighting man.

“Love Island was a great way to showcase my personality, and I’ve done that now. I’ve got that fun side, and I’ve got the other side to me, and right now, a week away from my fight, I’m definitely on that other side.

“All I can see is carnage everywhere. I’m not interested in being a Mr. Nice Guy. I want to break someone’s face.

“I’m feeling good. I’m feeling very fit ahead of this fight. I want to get in there and show everybody that this is what I do, and this is me.

“Tune in next week because you’re gonna see a whole different set of skills from me; my boxing, my power, my movement, and I’m looking to put a great show on.”

Tyson Fury SugarHill Steward
Mikey Williams

Tommy Fury talks training with Sugarhill Steward

On hooking up with Steward after Tyson’s famous win over Deontay Wilder, Fury added: “The difference between working with my dad and Sugar is – my dad’s a very old-school trainer and old school sort of guy. Sugar has got a very unique way of training.

“The first time he trained me it really opened my eyes because you feel like you’ve never had a fight or boxed in your life because he completely strips you down as a fighter and it’s crazy the things that he teaches but they’re so effective and work so well.

“The few weeks I’ve spent with him have been priceless as an up and coming boxer. Something money can’t buy.

“Every single fight that I’ve got coming up, I’d love to work with him definitely because he’s a really unique guy, different from any other trainer that I’ve ever had before, and It’s all light-hearted stuff.

“It’s not screaming. It’s not shouting. And it’s lighthearted stuff. It’s teaching. Sugar’s really a teacher instead of a trainer.”