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Deontay Wilder denies suffering from depression after seismic outburst

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has denied suffering from any form of depression after a stunning stoppage loss last February.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ was blasted out in seven rounds by Tyson Fury when looking lethargic and far from his best in Las Vegas.

Initially citing how his ring-walk suit felt heavy on the night and something wasn’t right, Wilder has now added a water theory into the bargain.

The American pondered whether something may have been put in his water at ringside as to how he surrendered his title so badly to Fury.

Breaking his silence on social media last Friday, Wilder followed it up with an interview over the phone with 78 Sports TV.

Wilder, through his co-manager Shelly Finkel, had initially promised World Boxing News the first interview. This did not come to fruition, though.

On his mindset, the 35-year-old opened up the conversation with 78 by saying: “I heard people saying they think I’m depressed and stuff like that. You know, I’m too blessed to be distressed.

“At the end of the day, it’s very entertaining to me, and it is hilarious as well. What am I reading?

“I don’t do any interviews unless I’m promoting the fight. Things haven’t been bad, so why would I feel the need to speak?

“I smile every night every, and I live my days in a peaceful manner.”

Deontay Wilder suit

Mikey Williams

Asked about the fight itself and how he felt, Wilder added: “I felt perfect. I was backstage and ready to punch a hole in this (inaudible).”

“But then I get to the ring, and I start feeling weird, you know like someone had put a muscle relaxer from my water.

“The atmosphere was insane, and it felt like something was about to go down.

“You know, when fights don’t go in your favor, you’re always looking for what happened. All I could reach for was what was in my suit.

“But I would never have worn a suit if it was such a burden on me that I couldn’t fight. Why would I do that?

“This is the heavyweight championship of the world. Why would I do that to myself?”


Where Wilder goes from here is anyone’s guess. Talk of a third fight may have seriously gone down the toilet following this latest outburst.

Fury is notorious for not taking kindly to anyone who disrespects him. Furthermore, a messy lawsuit over a contracted third fight now becomes a possibility.

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