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Home » Boston boxer hits record-breaking 13-second knockout with a single punch

Boston boxer hits record-breaking 13-second knockout with a single punch

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Professional Boxing records in the state of New Hampshire date back to 1886, but the fastest knockout in the state’s history took place this past weekend.

Oxnard, California featherweight Danny Robles knocked out New York’s Antonio Lucena in 13 seconds as part of Boston Boxing Promotion’s Showcase II, which was streamed live on

Robles, who has been making noise at gyms in the boxing hotbed of Ventura County with his unnatural power, entered the state history books with a single shot knockout that rendered his opponent unconscious in a terrifying fashion.

“It was scary for a few minutes. I was relieved my opponent was ok.”, explains Robles, who fights out of KnuckleHeadz Boxing in Ventura, California.

“I was really hoping to get some rounds in knowing my opponent had a decent amateur background, but he wanted to trade right out of the gate, and that’s a mistake for anyone to do with me.”

As for setting a record that’s stood for decades, Robles is proud of the feat but is anxious to accomplish more.

“It’s an honor to have set a record like that. My team and I were looking to have a busy year and fight every other month in 2020 to help make up for my lack of amateur experience, but then the pandemic hit.

“I’ve been making up for it with some great sparring, and now I’m looking to fight as much as possible and keep the knockouts coming.

“I’m thankful to Boston Boxing Promotions for bringing me out to the east coast and giving me this opportunity to set a record.

“I look forward to fighting for them again at the start of the new year and having a breakout 2021.”


As Boston Boxing Promotions President, Peter Czymbor adds, “Danny Robles has exhibited extraordinary power in his last two fights, both with us at Boston Boxing Promotions, in the state of New Hampshire.

“In his fight in August, it sounded like a gunshot went off. He needed just north of 90 seconds to dispose of his opponent with a brutal body shot.

“We were hoping to see him get more work in his most recent fight this past Saturday. But one well placed right hand ended everything in 13 seconds.

“In hindsight, it’s exciting to say that the fastest KO in New Hampshire state history happened on one of our events.

“However, at the moment, it was scary. His opponent was able to walk away, OK. But it was frightening for a few minutes.

“Robles has the terrifying but exciting power that makes him a can’t miss young fighter the boxing world needs to know about.”