Thomas ‘Hitman’ Hearns reveals his strategy to beat Floyd Mayweather

Thomas Hearns Floyd Mayweather

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Boxing legend Thomas ‘Hitman’ Hearns revealed what strategy he’d use if he ever came up against the great Floyd Mayweather inside the ropes.

Mayweather, who claimed the WBN Fighter of the Decade for 2010 to 2020 – awarded in 2021, is revered with the all-time best.

Hearns was himself part of an everlasting legacy of fighters involved in the greatest rivalry of all time during the 1980s.

On what his strategy would be in a fight against Mayweather, Hearns told Lem Satterfield for The Ring Magazine: “Against me, I would have to respect him.

“I think that he could go the distance with me. I would have to out-think him and definitely out-jab him. He’s a shorter man. So he can’t get to me.

“I would have to keep the jab on him and keep him at a distance. Force him to use his head movement all of the time. Somewhere down the line, I would probably hit him with a couple of right hands.

“I would probably get him with a good right hand if not an average right hand. If I was to go to the body, you know that might play into what he is probably trying to do strategically.

“I think that if I got closer to him trying to land a body shot, that would be what he wants. So I think that my best thing would be to stay on the outside and box him.

“But I think that he could go the distance with me.”

Floyd Mayweather knockdown


Retiring in 2017 after an easy win over Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather is said to be considering another comeback.

Exhibition offers remain on the table for the 43-year-old and are still coming thick and fast.

The latest was a ludicrous contest against a YouTube no-hoper, which was simply a money-grab for the glorified gym-goer.

Even being outweighed by fifty pounds, Mayweather would still be a heavy favorite to overcome the challenge.


As for Hearns, many brutal battles during his career have ruled out any possibility of returning to action for some time now.

The man fought tooth and nail with Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, and Roberto Duran as part of the ‘Fab Four’ era.

Ending a five-year exile in 2005, Hearns won two bouts before walking away for good a year later. He’s now 62 years old.

‘The Motor City Cobra’ completed his C.V with a 61-5-1 record. A benchmark any champion would be proud of.

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