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20-0 Carlos Flores stunned by loss-laden opponent

Nikodem Jezewski remained undefeated in Poland, while Dennis Contreras stunned previously perfect Carlos Flores in Florida.

Wielk Kleniz, Poland: Cruiser: Nikodem Jezewski (19-0-1,1ND) W PTS 10 Marek Prochazka (9-3-1).

Jezewski returns to the ring and collects the vacant Polish International title with a unanimous verdict over Czech Prochazka. Jezewski made his traditional aggressive start mixing his punches well and finding gaps for his body punches. Czech Prochazka showed a sound defense but was unable to put much pressure on Jezewski due to the long reach of the Pole.

The visitor scored well in the eighth, and it became apparent that Jezewski had injured his right hand, and he used it sparingly over the last two rounds. Scores 99-91 twice and 97-93 for Jezewski. Despite his impressive statistics, the 29-year-old Pole has not yet made any real impact. Prochazka, a former Czech title challenger, has yet to lose inside the distance, and his defensive work kept that type of loss off his record.

Kissimmee, FL, USA: Feather: Dennis Contreras (23-10-1) W KO 6 Carlos Flores (20-1). Super Feather: Hairon Socarras (23-1-3) W TKO 3 Julio Buitrago (13-24,2ND).
Contreras vs. Flores

In a clash of two Mexicans, Contreras shows how misleading records can be as he knocks out previously unbeaten Flores in six rounds. Contreras went after Flores from the outset, and Flores was forced onto the back foot.

He showed some neat movement and quick, accurate punches to outscore Contreras in the second and third but no real power and could not halt Contreras’ forward march. It was a man against a boy as Contreras relentlessly walked through Flores’ punches connecting with hard shots to head and body from the fourth. He bombarded Flores with head punches late in the fifth with only the bell saving Flores. He then ended it dramatically in the sixth.

A huge left uppercut followed by a right to the chin sent Flores to the canvas, and he was counted out. Contreras retains the WBA Fedecentro belt after having turned his career around. A run of 1-8-1 in 10 fights saw him considered as the guy on his way to nowhere. However in his last three fights, he has defeated unbeaten 12-0 Fernando Garcia, stopped 20-2-1 Belmar Preciado, and now the 20-0 Flores so combined records of 52-2-1.

Flores, 20, has a heavily padded record with 13 of his victims never having won a fight and all the others having negative records.

Socarras vs. Buitrago

Socarras gave an easy task as he starts to rebuild after his first pro loss. After three one-sided rounds, Buitrago’s team threw in the towel pulling their man out. Cuban Socarras gets his fifteenth win by KO/TKO. He was brought down to earth when he clashed with Ryan Walsh in October last year in England being halted in nine rounds.

Furthermore, poor Nicaraguan Buitrago has won just two of his previous 22 fights. To make matters worse, he turned pro as a minimumweight, so has put on 26lbs since those days.