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Home » UFC star Jon Jones patrols looting, considers boxing career

UFC star Jon Jones patrols looting, considers boxing career

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UFC star and now former title-holder Jon Jones says he will consider a boxing career after making the decision to relinquish the light-heavyweight belt.

Jones, who has been patrolling the streets of Albuquerque to stop looters wrecking the city, has been embroiled in a damaging dispute with UFC boss Dana White.

‘Bones’ intends to walk away from UFC if his worth is not taken seriously. Jones believes he could make a lot more money if he crossed codes.

Jon Jones

“At no point did I ever demand anything from you, Dana. I simply asked for a super-fight and asked to be compensated for it,” explained Jones.

“You are the one who started talking negotiations publicly and showing the world how much you’ve been withholding from your athletes this whole time.

“I love how you’re trying to paint this picture of me being some angry guy disrespectfully demanding money. And then bringing up my out of the cage affairs to justify underpaying me by tens of millions for years.

“You’re talking all that big guy stuff about not caring. Put your money where your mouth is and release me from that contract,” he added.

On potentially moving to box if no super-fight is forthcoming, Jones added: “I’d probably make more in my first boxing match than my next three UFC fights combined.

“There’s real estate, acting, just kicking it and being a dad. No one needs to put up with Dana‘s lies.

“Reyes vs Jan For the UFC light heavyweight championship of the world. As of right now, I got nothing to really gain fighting either of them.

“Let me know if you guys want to set up a day in 2021 for that Izzy fight. Hopefully, you guys will be willing to pay by then.”

On potentially hurting his own career, Jones concluded: “I hurt myself, every time I walk out there and take a punch to the head. Not feel my pay is worth it anymore.”

As his career in the octagon or the ring for that matter, stalls, Jon Jones is using his energy positively to help out in the current climate.


The whole world is frustrated at the murder of George Floyd and Jones believes anything he can do to stop some taking advantage is the right thing.

“So proud of the city of Albuquerque tonight. The night is still young but as of now, the looting is almost nonexistent. The peaceful protest was beautiful,” pointed out Jones on Monday evening.