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WBC President blasts negativity surrounding Mike Tyson return

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Joining WBN in their views, the World Boxing Council has blasted any negativity surrounding Mike Tyson and his decision to launch a comeback at 53.

Several names in the sport, many in the UK, have aired their grievance with Tyson returning to the sport. Some fans have also ridiculed ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ despite whipping himself into unbelievable shape.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has a simple message for those who want to drag the former undisputed heavyweight champion down.

“Don’t watch it, if you don’t like it,” said Sulaiman. “I love to see NFL players do reunions. I love to see legends doing something.

“Why not allow them to do something for charity? The only thing we have to be careful about is their safety. Why would we block it otherwise?

“We offer him our full support.”

Mike Tyson

Sulaiman was keen to point to Tyson’s considerable ring absence and his decorated career ended in 2005 on the back of consecutive stoppage losses to Danny Williams and Kevin McBride.

Tyson was badly beaten at the time. Although mental issues and a damaging lifestyle meant the New Yorker was in no position to fight.

These days, Tyson is in a much better place mentally. This means his focus on fighting, which four, six, or eight rounds, will be lasered.

As we know in any situation involving elder competitors, the health of those involved is paramount.

“We need to first understand what it is. I think it’s an exhibition. The safety has to be a top priority,” he said. “It is great to see athletes promoting the sport.

“Mike Tyson had a very complicated life in boxing. Now to see him losing weight, active, healthy, is great and we have to support him.

“But we have to see if it is a real fight. I am hearing that it’s an exhibition and we are fully behind him.”


Evander Holyfield has been touted as the opponent for Tyson. At 57, ‘The Real Deal’ is also in fantastic condition.

Therefore, with head guards and well-padded gloves, there’s no reason why fans cannot enjoy these two greats trading blows for the third time.

Tyson lost to Holyfield twice in the mid-nineties. The second time in the infamous ‘Bite Fight’.