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Boxing and UFC events heading back to Las Vegas after NSAC approval

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The Nevada State Athletic Commission voted unanimously to approve forthcoming UFC and Top Rank events taking place in Las Vegas.

NSAC officials approved combat sports returning to the state, which include Top Rank Gym shows promised to WBN by promoter Bob Arum earlier this month.

Outlining what was an easy decision, the NSAC made the following statement regarding Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

“We feel comfortable now because the governor advised it was his prerogative as to when we’re ready to move forward.

“He has the governor’s support provided (Top Rank and others) adhere to their operational plan and our protocols,” Executive Director Bob Bennett told those present at the hearing on Wednesday, including the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“The UFC, like Top Rank, has been very aggressive, creative, and enthusiastic about providing the best operational plan possible to make the environment as safe as possible.

“Now we just have to carry that out.”

The information on Las Vegas continued: “You’ve always heard the NSAC say we look out for the health and safety of the fighters,” Bennett said.

“We’re not only looking out for the fighters now with COVID-19. We’re looking out for the health and safety of the fighters. Also their corners, the production people, the announcers, security, our officials, and our staff.

“Because all of these folks are being tested and quarantined. They have to go home to their loved ones after the fight.

“So it’s our responsibility to ensure we provide the best testing available. That’s including quarantining. Everyone has been very cooperative about that so far.

“They got better and better with their protocols at each event,” he added: “Just like when you have a soft opening when you’re opening a casino.

“You’re going to hopefully get the majority of it right and then constantly improve upon it and I think that’s exactly what they did. And that’s exactly what we’ll do here.

“We’ll adhere to the governor’s directives. To the CDC mandates. We will ensure social distancing. Everyone wearing masks. And if they don’t have masks, they’ll be behind plastic shields.”


It was confirmed that fans are not allowed to attend any future shows until further notice.

“The regulator and promoters are making a concerted effort to do this in a manner that’s beneficial to everybody. Therefore, this will be inside this closed-system event.

“I think we’re doing a lot of positive things. Not only are we employing these health and safety techniques. But they will also be observed to show the respect and professionalism we want to portray to the audience.

“The plans need to be employed to the best of our ability and we want to show that to the fans.”